About M3

The Male Media Mind is a blog that harnesses the collective creativity of nerdy black bears. We're raising the bar of what to expect from a gay male blog. While you can expect to find plenty of hot guys and stories about sex and relationships, we're raising the consciences of of the bear community by discussing science, philosophy, and politics. All of us come from different backgrounds. We're geographically, chronologically, and culturally diverse, so you're bound to find a voice that resonates with you. Our blog offers a wide range of perspectives. Our contributors tell the truth, as we see it, which will often be hilarious, outrageous, and heartbreaking.

You'll find plenty of personal journals and fiction from a diverse group of black bears, but also expect to be stimulated and entertained by videos, music, and visual art. We provide videos whenever available to augment our writing and to bring you a more intimate relationship to the material in our posts. We're sharing our perspective on life, love, and the media from a diverse set of life experiences. We're available through social media, and we encourage discussion and debate over issues and our viewpoints.

It's important for us to support artists that we enjoy and find authentic. We want to share news and commentators who get to the truth as each of us sees it. We're not afraid or ashamed of our desires. We're not censored, but we're also not gratuitous. If we show or say something controversial, it's to make a well-reasoned point or because we truly find it stimulating or entertaining. Our goal is to always be honest. Thick boys are beautiful, and we're happy to showcase the ones who grab our attention.

We're also pretty nerdy. We like comics, movies, games, and tech. We're not always going to be aligned with the cool kids. We were the kids that were overlooked and under appreciated in high school. We were the ones who'd rather be reading than trying to be popular. All that reading has given us something to say. And while we may have been told to shut up in our lives for speaking our minds, in this space we get to say what we want unfiltered and unapologetically.