Wednesday, February 15, 2017

M3 GAMING PODCAST - Nintendo Switch Presentation Recap

In this pilot episode of the M3 Gaming Podcast, we recap the mega hyped Nintendo Switch Presentation. Our panelist in this episode include..

Brandon McCall - @YouJustGotTheBiz
Chris Sutton - @INPAQ
Malcom Travers - @MaleMediaMind
Mark O. Estes -  @TheAntiCritic

The M3 Gaming Podcast is part of the Male Media Mind network, which is an online platform that's aims to unify the black bear community through dialogue, insight, creativity and knowledge. For more information on M3, please check out

Freedom Planet - For PC/Steam

HeatleyBros - 8 Bit Power (Royalty Free Music)

Earth Tones - Hpnotic718 (Royalty Free Music)