Thursday, April 30, 2015

M3 Bear Essentials: How New Is The New Black

How do you strike a balance between respecting the struggles of the black community without being angry in the process? In the latest episode of the M3 Bear Essentials, Ja’Won Blackmon, Mark O. Estes and Breeze Vincinz join Malcolm Travers in a discussion about a article criticizing the phenomenon known as “The New Black”, Are black people stuck in a mindset where we can’t escape from the slights of the past? Or do we risk repeating the mistakes of the past if we don’t acknowledge our heritage?

Read the Article:  The ‘new black’ won’t save you from old-fashioned racism

Wednesday, April 29, 2015

Fear Street: Escaping A Life of Paranoia

    I’ve always loved a good scare.

    Every since I saw Freddy Krueger stalking his first victim, Christina “Tina” Gray, in an alley on A Nightmare on Elm Street back when I was three, being scared became second nature to everything else going on in my life. Seeing Freddy as he scratched his “knives for fingers” blades against the wall as he closed in on the smart, but unfortunate Tina, imprinted the first face for my personal Boogeyman, which haunted me for years to come. But he wasn’t the last. Nor would he be the defining “fear.”

Monday, April 27, 2015

M3 Bear Essentials: Nice Guys Finish Last

Why does everyone like the bad boys? Do good guys sabotage themselves by expecting to be rewarded for their good behavior? In the latest episode of the M3 Bear Essentials Mark O. Estes and Ja’Won Blackmon join Malcolm Travers in a conversation about what it means to be a good boy in a bad world. What advice would you give to a good guy who isn't getting the respect and attention he feel that deserves?

Thursday, April 23, 2015

M3 Bear Essentials: Desperate For Love

Do you think that being desperate inevitably leads to heartbreak? In the latest episode of the M3 Bear Essentials Breeze Vincinz, Mark Estes and Vaughne Smith join Malcolm Travers in discussion about being desperate and how some people want to have someone or pretty much anyone for a relationship. If you were destined to be singe for the rest of you life, do you feel as though you could be happy? For those who can’t honestly answer yes to that questions, what options do they have?

Monday, April 20, 2015

M3 Bear Essentials: “What Is A Thirst Trapper?”

What does it mean to thirst trap? Is it simply posting provocative or hot selfies looking for attention, or are you  picking on all the people who like your picture and calling them thirsty behind their back? Mark Estes, Ja’Won Blackmon and Breeze Vincinz join Malcolm Travers in a discussion about  an article about coming out at a thirst trapper. If someone admired your photos does that necessarily make them thirsty? How much is too much when posting selfies? 

Thursday, April 16, 2015

M3 Bear Essentials: What Makes Someone Gay?

How do you deal with unfounded theories about the origins of homosexuality? In the latest episode of the M3 Bear Essentials, M3 Contributors Mark Estes and Gerald Hogan join Malcolm Travers in a discussion about a video that claims to know how people become gay. When you hear such outlandish theories do you attempt to debunk them, or do you actively avoid them? What hard to you feel such theories pose to the cause for social equality? 

Monday, April 13, 2015

M3 Bear Essentials: There Will Be Shade

Have you ever been accused of throwing shade when you weren’t? In the latest Episode of the M3 Bear Essentials, Breeze Vincinz and Ja’Won Blackmon join Malcolm Travers in a discussion about his article on coming to terms with being misunderstood. Sometimes no matter how well meaning your intentions, there will always be someone who doesn’t care for you who will interpret your words and actions in the most negative light possible. Part of being a happy and mature adult is learning to be comfortable with other people’s misperceptions of your intentions. 

Read Malcolm's article: There Will Be Shade

Thursday, April 9, 2015

M3 Bear Essentials: The Church of Monogamy

Do we unfairly judge people in non monogamous relationships? In the latest episode of the M3 Bear Essentials, M3 Contributors Malcolm Travers, Breeze Vincinz, Ja’Won Blackmon, Mark Estes and Vaughne Smith explore the complicated social implications of monogamy and the definition of a faithful relationship. Does a zero tolerance for non monogamy inevitably lead to unfavorable outcomes in a long-term relationships? Do those who practice non monogamy unfairly judge those who prefer monogamy?

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Thursday, April 2, 2015

M3 Bear Essentials: Why Do You Need To Know?

Do you ever get suspicious of why someone wants to know your sexual preferences? Do you ever feel that people judge you based on your answer? M3 contributors Gerald Hogan, Mark Estes, Malcolm Travers and Breeze Vincinz discuss the politics and hierarchy of tops and bottoms in the gay community. Do people want to know your sexual position in order to better understand your personality?  What business is it of theirs if they are not trying to have sex with you?