Thursday, March 12, 2015

M3 Bear Essentials: A Flood of Femininity?

It seems whenever the topic of femininity comes up it also reveals a bias in the hearts of most men. Whenever the discussion comes up some people imply that it's a conspiracy of media executives to feminize the black man and destroy the black family, while others feel that they are being attacked for expressing their sexuality. The truth is there there are both positive and negative aspects about the way gay men are portrayed in the media, but often time both sides seem to get upset about the state of affairs. In our latest episode of the M3 Bear essentials, Breeze Vincinz, David Vollin, Malcolm Travers and Gerald Hogan discuss the controversy that arose when the Prancing Elites promo was posted in the group and what people's reactions say about the level of homophobia in America.

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