Tuesday, February 17, 2015

M3 Bearcast Ep. 4: Homophobia in the Black Community

Episode 4: Homophobia in the Black Community w/ Mark Estes, David Vollin, Breeze Vincinz and Vaughne Smith
February 17, 2015

In this episode of the Bearcast we debate the origins of homophobia in the black community. Does the black community have greater levels of bias against gay people than that of the white community? First we challenge the assumption of black homophobia and then investigate the root of the problem. I invited M3 contributors Mark Estes, David Vollin, Vaughne Smith and Breeze Vincinz to discuss the issue. Fox's Empire sparked the debate by sending some of the black pundit class into a tizzy about the way the black community is portrayed in the show. Many commentators despised the depiction of former drug dealers and complained about an overemphasis on homophobia in the black community. We talked about one article in particular entitled Black People Are Not More Homophobic Than Anyone Else You can read the article to get a better idea of what we discussed in the podcast.

Breeze mentioned how homophobia hasn't gone away in just the same manner that racism didn't go away once we got a black president. And while we've made great strides toward equality in the courts, the public has a long way to go before we can say we live in a society tolerant of gay people. Mark felt like as an oppressed community we're hard pressed to criticize ourselves when we see that we've done something wrong because we're on the wrong end of so much undeserved criticism, we've become reactionary toward any critiques of our faults. So when Lee Daniels shows some of the faults within the black community a lot of black pundits take offense to bringing it up at all.

David seemed to be tired of the way religion has influenced the black community in so many negative ways. From accepting white supremacy and justifying slavery, to the repression of sexuality and the denial of equality to gay Americans. Vaughne seemed to be swayed somewhat by the article and acknowledged that while he sees a lot of homophobia in the black community, he's not privy to much of the homophobia that might exist within the white community. He also proposes that a lot of the homophobia in our community might stem from a reaction to slavery and subjugation and the need to be hyper-masculine.

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