Monday, February 16, 2015

Bear Essentials: Respectability Politics

Respectability politics refers to attempts by marginalized groups to police their own members and show their social values as being continuous and compatible with mainstream values rather than challenging the mainstream for its failure to accept difference. This is seen when women, homosexuals and African Americans contort their femininity, sexuality and culture respectively in an effort to gain affluence in a male, heterosexual and Eurocentric inclined world. And while some see the practice as resourceful and innocuous forms of succeeding in a prejudicial world, others view it as a cowardly surrender of the soul that does more harm than good or "selling out". M3 Contributors Malcolm Travers, Mark O. Estes and Breeze Vincinz weigh in on the great debate on which plan of action best incurs success for minority, reasonable compliance or unyielding cultural acknowledgment. 

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