Tuesday, January 27, 2015

Male Media Mind Bearcast PREMIERE EPISODE! (Bears and Obesity)

Episode 1: Bears and Obesity (w/Trebor Senoj and Gerald Hogan)
January 21, 2015

In our first episode of the Male Media Mind Bearcast, we talk about the issue of obesity. It started with a few hot topics that I posted over the Christmas break. I found that people were very passionate and emotional when it came to issues of weight gain and obesity, and I thought it would make a good starting point for the podcast. What I aim to do with the M3 Bearcast is to tell important and intimate stories that get to the heart of the black bear experience. Over the past two years, I've hosted many Google Hangouts with many of our regular contributors and guests. I've learned about which topics make for interesting conversations, but I've also run across a few topics that, while interesting and important, are too long for video. What I needed was an intimate one on one conversation in a format that allowed digressions and exploration. Thus was born the Male Media Mind Bearcast.

I've thought about doing a podcast for some time, and when Breeze started his podcast on The Real Housewives of Atlanta I knew it was time for me to get mine started as well. It was an area I unfamiliar, but with a little guidance and encouragement I've started on this journey of audio storytelling. I've learned a lot in the past two years editing M3, and I'm excited to see my capabilities grow into new areas. When it comes to podcasting, I have little or no experience, but with such a great team of contributors behind me, we're working it out. Breeze has been an inspiration to me seeing as how his podcast is very professional and wildly enetertaining. If you're subscribing to this podcast on iTunes I'd also make sure to check out The Real Housewives of Atlanta M3 Bearcast 

In my first episode, I think I should be given some allowances to feel my way around, to learn from my mistakes, and to get better with each installment. That being said, I think this inaugural episode turned out better than I expected. I am very proud of Trebor Senoj and Gerald Hogan for participating. They've always been supportive of my creative endeavors, and I'm glad they indulged me as I fumbled around to try to find a narrative thread. 
We first discussed the topic of sleep apnea. The question in the hot topic being, have you ever know anyone to be dumped because of a CPAP machine? Would sleep apnea be a deal breaker for you? I knew the issue was big in the bear community, but it wasn't until I got back from holiday that I realize exactly how big a deal it was. It was one of our most popular topics ever, and when I talked to Trebor about it on the phone, I was surprised to find that he was so willing to talk about his experiences with sleep apnea. I really do appreciate him sharing some details about himself that are so personal, but I think that what he shared in this episode will really help those with sleep apnea to feel a little less self-conscious about their condition, or at the very least feel that they are not alone. 

Then I talked to Both Trebor and Gerald about their experiences with weight gain and how people talk about it. It can be a touchy subject when someone notices that you've gained weight. Is it always rude to mention to someone that they've gained weight? I think most guys who are overweight have experienced some form of teasing from others who are just trying to help. Trebor and Gerald tell us why it's not only unhelpful, but can be hurtful when done in the wrong way.

And finally we come to the topic of dating in a superficial dating world. The ads online that say no fats no fems are real, but even so is that a good enough reason to want to lose weight? I get Trebor and Gerald's perspective on what are the right motivations for losing weight.

Hope you will join us for our next episode. If you have problems downloading oniTube you can check out the episode page on Podomatic. Be sure to rate us, comment and like, and let us know what you think.