Monday, December 1, 2014

M3 Bear Essentials: World AIDS Day

How has HIV/AIDS effected your dating life and/or sexual practices? Although new, innovative treatments are available to manage HIV infection, the best defense is to not acquire the virus at all.  As of 2014, over one million US citizens are living with HIV with one in six unaware of their infection. We here at Male Media Mind are dedicated to unifying the Black Bear community through Dialogue, Insight, Creativity and Knowledge and as we commiserate the 27th Annual World AIDS Day, M3 Contributors Trebor Senoj, Vaughne Smith, Ja'Won Blackmon, Malcolm Travers and Breeze Vincinz discuss their relationship with HIV/AIDS and how it has impacted their lives and we encourage everyone to have conversations about HIV/AIDS among your circles, acknowledge our brothers, sisters, father, mothers, sons, daughters, friends and lovers whom we have lost to the disease, support those still in the struggle AND TO GET TESTED REGULARLY.


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