Tuesday, September 30, 2014

Love Bear: On Relationships

When I was younger, I didn’t really know what it meant to be in a relationship. At the time, I had some ideas and I was certain that I did know, but the reality of being in a relationship is incrementally better (and worse) than I thought. I felt I was always a fairly mature young man but few things can prepare you for a relationships like the experience of heartbreak. It is the manifestation of your worst fears and a shattering of how you thought the world worked (or should work). And despite the fact that it will never be the way you wanted it to be, life does goes on. It takes a while to come to grips with this and even longer to come to find that life is better than your fantasies and expectations could have made it. I feel like it could be helpful to share some of the lessons I’ve learned from having my fears come to life and surviving them.

Monday, September 29, 2014

M3 Bear Essentials: Racism in the Bear Community

Male Media Mind enthusiast Terrard Robinson dropped us a line on Instagram musing on the dubiously racist and classist social aspects of the gay bear community, an issue that not only have we addressed in prior forums but one that the Manhattan Digest examined, identifying that while many Bear-centric organizations and media outlets view their exclusionary practices as socially acceptable aesthetic choices reflecting the needs of an all-white Bear community, the constituency that finds these practices offensive, racist and antithetical to goal of creating "community" is growing. M3 contributors Malcolm Travers, Gerald Hogan, Vaughne Smith and Breeze Vincinz discuss the racial divide within the Gay Bear community and ways to open up the lines of communication.

Special thanks to Terrard for his video question! You can check out his music on https://soundcloud.com/lmbr-jckdancefunkk

(Article: Racism In The Bear Community- More Prevalent Than Ever)

Thursday, September 25, 2014

M3 Bear Essentials: Habits of the Well-Groomed Bear

Esquire Magazine recently posted their suggestions for 25 ways that men can be more handsome. But one man's moisturizer can be another bear's tenderizer. M3 Contributors JaWon Blackmon, Gerald Hogan, Malcolm Travers and Breeze Vincinz give their personal grooming recommendations for the modern Black Bear. What type of manscaping do you undergo to keep yourself looking your best?

Monday, September 22, 2014

M3 Bear Essentials: Public Policy and Domestic Violence

When famous people get away with committing crimes, not only does it is set a bad example it can also result in creating public policy. Does society have a double standard for violence when it is committed by women and what sort of public policies should be in place to reduce the negative effects created by such public cases? M3 Contributors Gerald Hogan, Malcolm Travers and Breeze Vincinz discuss these issues as well the double standards that sometimes apply when addressing issues surrounding domestic violence.

(Article: Congressional Letter Addresses Domestic Violence In Male Sports Leagues, Not Women's)

Thursday, September 18, 2014

M3 Bear Essentials: Masculinity Defined

Does being handy make you more or less masculine. Is there such a thing as masculinity. Is it arbitrary or does it have it's roots in biology? The M3 contributors Malcolm Travers, Gerald Hogan and Breeze Vincinz discuss how handiness relates to masculinity and how we have a tendency to want to rank masculinity higher than femininity.

Monday, September 15, 2014

M3 Bear Essentials: A Conversation About Trust

An article penned by Elite Daily details what they feel are the nine signs you know you can trust someone. But what is the extent of that trust and are there truly fail safe signs that can predict someone's trustworthiness? M3 Contributors Malcolm Travers, James Butler, Ja'Won BlackmonGerald Hogan and Breeze Vincinz discuss how they define trust within their own personal relationships and how they determine someone's trustworthiness.

(Article: 9 Signs You Know You Can Trust Someone With Your Heart)

Thursday, September 11, 2014

M3 Bear Essentials: The Myth of the Soulmate

A study out of University of Toronto revealed that thinking our romantic relationships are “meant to be” can be damaging to the way we feel about each other. Results of the study indicate that thinking of a relationship as a perfect unity (researchers used terms such as “made for each other” or “my other half”) as opposed to a journey to be taken together can negatively impact the way we evaluate our romantic partnership. M3 contributors Malcolm Travers and Breeze Vincinz discuss the aspects of finding your soulmate and the pitfalls of trying to find solace in a relationship that you can not find within yourself.

(Article: If You’re ‘Meant To Be, You’re Probably Unhappy)