Monday, July 14, 2014

Introducing M3 Life: Helping The Black Bear Community Get HEALTHY

One of the great benefits of participating in the discussions provided by Male Media Mind is the opportunity to meet some great people within the Black Bear community and share different ideas, opinions and views on a myriad of subjects. This is also the perfect platform to not only discuss weight loss efforts… but to start a movement within the Black Bear community to become healthier physically, spiritually and emotionally. This is what our auxiliary group M3 Life is all about.

An off-shoot of Male Media Mind, the purpose of M3 Life is promoting physical, spiritual and emotional health to men of color in a gay friendly atmosphere. Utilizing our Facebook and Tumblr pages, we encourage the Big Boi community to share your weight loss experiences and help each other get healthy.

Do you have or would like to have:
  • A weight loss blog and/or journal
  • Weight management program that has shown significant results
  • Healthy/Cost effective recipes than even a male can prepare

Then M3 Life is the place to share, learn and commonwealth with other Big Bois to get information, get active and get healthy. The cost of admission is free, but we need YOUR input to make this work. Click on the links below and let’s start the revolution RIGHT NOW!