Thursday, May 15, 2014

M3 Bear Essentials: Easter and Religious Traditions

This past Easter, Male Media Mind's Malcolm Travers observed an gentleman dressed as Jesus dragging a crucifix along the ground in an effort to raise awareness about the importance and history of Easter. And while his efforts might have seemed obtuse to some onlookers simply wanting their morning java, the image did beg to question what exactly is Easter? Have we misinterpreted was Easter is about? Have we misinterpreted what ALL religious traditions are about? And do the traditions/celebrations really have anything to do with the actual historical events they are based on? Breeze Vincinz, Trebor Senoj, Gerald Hogan, Cecil Davison, Vaughne Smith and the aforementioned Malcolm Travers discuss their personal views on religious traditions and where their morality lies in regards to them.

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