Saturday, May 3, 2014

Hygiene Tips From A Nerdy Black Bear: A Well Shaved Head

In yesteryear, being bald was viewed as a negative feature on a man. This is partly due to media's outlook on beauty and staying young. If you didn't have a full head of hair, you were considered an outcast. But things have changed. Today, more and more men are embracing their baldness with men going bald realizing that it may be a disguise. More and more women as well as a large amount of men in the gay community see a well shaved head as sexy. Do you want to join the new age of bald and sexy men out there? Well I can help you with that. In this post I will give you the tools you need to have a well groomed head and ways to maintain your new look.

Before any project, you will need to prepare and make sure you have the right tools and products handy so you will have the desired results.

Electric Clippers. You'll use clippers to trim your hair to the shortest length possible before shaving with a razor. Good clippers can save you a lot of time, and they make shaving with a razor more effective.

A Razor. Buy a high quality razor for this purpose; a cheap one could leave you with a lot of nicks if you aren't careful. Some companies make razors designed specifically for shaving heads.

Shaving Cream or Oil. Lubricating your head well is key to achieving a good shave. You can use a cream or oil meant for shaving faces or legs, or buy a kind specifically for your head. Just make sure it has good moisturizing properties.

Aftershave. Again, use the aftershave meant for the face or legs, or choose one specially designed for shaved heads.

Prevent Mess. Before you begin the shaving process, set up your mini barbershop in your bathroom or kitchen. Drape a sheet or tarp over the floor and make sure the drain in your sink is covered. Shaving your head can get messy, especially if you're starting with long hair.

Start By Shaving From The Front of Your Head The hair is much thinner near the forehead and face. Save the tougher hair towards the back for last so the lubrication has time to soften the hair. Shave from forehead to back in level even strokes. Apply some pressure to get a close shave. Make sure to rinse your clippers and loose hair with warm water.

When shaving the sides, move the clippers in a upward motion. Apply a small amount of pressure like before and follow the same steps

Shave the Back of Your Head Use a steady hand to continue shaving the part of your head that you can't see. Work in upward strokes from the base of your neck to the top of your head. Be especially careful not to rush the process as you shave the back of your head. Allow the razor to glide smoothly over ridges and valleys to avoid cutting yourself. Use a hand mirror to check your progress, and reapply shaving cream or oil as necessary to finish up your shave.

 After shaving, wash away the hairs then take a look in the mirror at all sides of your head.
  • If you missed a spot, apply more shaving cream or oil and go back over it with the razor.
  • Don't go over your scalp twice unless it's necessary. If you're using a good razor, one pass should be enough to remove the hair. A second pass will only irritate your scalp.
Use After Shave when your satisfied with the results. Wash the after shave out and gently pat with a towel and apply a moisturizer

Use a gentle shampoo, the skin can be easily irritated because of harsh chemicals in there products. Find a product that does not dry the skin.

Use a moisturizing lotion with SPF 50, this will protect your dome from future irritation but also keep the sun rays away as well

And the last thing is to shave early and often, to keep that clean smooth look shave once or twice a week.

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