Tuesday, May 20, 2014

Biometric Smartwear Wearable Tech

When you think technology has reached it limitations, it shows us different with the new biometric smart-wear. This type of beta technology has been tested and used by top athletes in their intense training, but OMsignal decided to perfect and enhance the beta wearable tech into something more outstanding.

OMsignal unveiled their biometric wear to the public on May 8 by showing their products on YouTube to rave reviews. People were amazed to see how much a  biometric t-shirt can do and were amazed by the slim and comfortable style. The assumption is that that this type of technology would come with more bulk, wires and confusion, but OMsignal made sure their new product was fashionable and reliable

The Biometric Smartwear shirt features embedded health sensors  that measures your activity, physiological stress, and fitness levels. It also displays the results in real time on your smartphone.

The iOS companion app translates your "bio-signal" to tell you when you've reached peak heart rate, or need to breathe deeper. It can also measure one workout against another, helping you track weekly goals.

The shirts come in four male styles for wear at the gym, at home, or during everyday activities:
  1. Undershirt
  2. Sleeveless Shirt
  3. Casual T-Shirt
  4. Long-Sleeved Shirt
With the help of what OMsignal calls "the little black box," the t-shirts track body biometrics and vital signs. Just clip the box onto the shirt, ensure it is connected to your phone via Bluetooth, and start sweating.

But don't worry about pushing yourself too far—the mobile app displays how much energy you have in reserve before you run out. It also offers suggestions on how to manage and improve your health. "You could never bring hospital or lab-type equipment with you on the court or track. OMsignal now makes it easy to track biometrics in real time, in real life and during sports activity," Co-founder and CEO of OMsignal Stephane Marceau says. "At OMsignal we've focused on giving consumers quality insights on performance, taking the research a step further to guide users to their peak performance."
 Prices vary, starting at an introductory pre-order cost of $199 for one shirt and "the little black box"—a steal, considering additional shirts cost $100 to $140 depending on style, and another $140 for the clip-on accessory.

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