Friday, April 25, 2014

Brutal Lynx: He's Baaaaack!

Hi Fam!!

You guessed it, Lynx Savage is back with a round of videos for your eyes, ears and cocks!

To mark my comeback I am giving you a two for one here. Basically a "Where the F*ck Has Lynx Been?!?" and I had to cover Throw That Boy Pussy. I was sent it a long while ago and just have not been able to cover it. So I covered a lot of things old and new.

Remember if you have a video you want to have reviewed, social issue to be covered or just Ask The Lynx anything you can do so on the M3 Facebook page, my Twitter and my Tumblr. Links below.

For now... Enjoy the videos, leave your comments and it feels good to be back!

- Lynx

Guess Who's Back! Throw That Boy What?!?


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