Tuesday, January 7, 2014

Why My 2014 Will Be Different

Here I am. Yet another year has gone by. With great expectations, we prepare out usual new year’s resolutions and rituals. Some party, some pray, some attend church, some just sit at home, and others will simply be…another day. What does a “NEW” year mean? Is it really necessary to cook black-eyed peas and cornbread? Is it really necessary to be crying and sobbing as a motivational speaker (aha Pastor) speaks cliche lines he’s used year after year, telling you what you already know? What does this new year mean? I will tell you what it means to me and here is why my 2014 is so important to me!

2013 was an interesting year for us all. For me specifically, I’ve learned a great deal, suffered a bit, cried, fought, and enjoyed some glorious moments. It was a year that prepared me for so much. I got a glimpse of who I am and what Trebor is really made of. To me, this is a the most important time of the year, even more so than Christmas, Easter, or my birthday. Here in the physical realm, and the spiritual realm for that matter, there is a changing, a newness that’s about to take place! This is a crossing over into another 12 months; more time to get it right. There is so much momentum that’s being built up for this moment! We’ve spent thanksgiving, Christmas preparing for it, speaking it to the universe and making silent prayers about the changes we want for this year. Whether knowingly or unknowingly, we have already spoken into existence our desires. Now it is simply a time to listen.

We have stirred up the heavens, and all of the universe is READY to give us the abundance that we’ve so desperately have been waiting for. However, if we’re not cognizant we’ll miss it and lose sight of that which we know is right. We know what our gut feeling is telling is to do, that creative thought, that warm feeling of clarity that resides in each us. We move away from passion only because we get caught up in the world, distracted by the many issues, the tangible things that don’t really matter, and we doubt that we’ll ever get "it". Then our emotions kick in. The feeling is so strong, but what has changed? Why is it that we were ready and excited in January, and the enthusiasm is gone by March? Is it now depression, guilt, shame, or worthlessness that we are feeling? What changed?

Keep in mind around this time, to be intentional about what it is you want! FOCUS is key! It's not just about what you look for, but what you ignore. The same excitement and warm feelings we feel at the start of the year are the same ones we have to learn how to tap into year round so we can stay on track and moving forward. This is our work for 2014, this is a special moment to build momentum and keep this same mindset and enthusiasm! God/Universe has already answered your request….we just have to make sure we stay focused! This is a critical time of the year because this is when things can literally change. You can see things open for yo, but you must open your mind and heart, and pay attention to your intuition. God is literally standing right in front of you.

NO RESOLUTIONS!!! Be honest and real with yourself. Do things you know that you can achieve! Don't psych yourself out!

New Year's resolutions are usually cliches and status seeking. You need to focus on an authentic way to get into the same wavelength of your blessings! Make a change now, but changing your thoughts and feelings about whatever it is you want has to come first. Whether it may be - money, love, housing, family, or school - you have to think about these things in a new way if you want any of them to change. You have to hang around like-minded people, people who support your dreams and respect your journey! It’s time out for the games, and it’s time you get serious about creating the life you want. And it all begins with you!

Here are the changes I'm making:

1. No more just thinking about something, it only gets done by doing it. I'm not allowing fear to enter my mind!

2. I’m not allowing people’s thoughts of me hinder me, I’m breaking that chain now.

3. I will speak only positive thoughts and words about myself to myself. I must encourage and feed my spirit because no one else will.

4. Speak more confidently. I’m going to use my gift of speech and speak and put out what I want into the world.

5. Read more positive forward thinking books!

6. Pray and meditate more and spend more time in spirit.

I encourage all of you to do the work of listening to your inner voice and following your passion. Stop complaining and just do the work. Ask the necessary questions and don't fear the answers. Go for what you want, there is no one, but you, to stop you. Think rich and you’ll be rich. Limit your thoughts and you limit your possibilities. Change your mind and wrap yourself around a new idea or a new way of thinking!!! 2014 is going to be a great year, either you’ll get on board now, or you’ll always be sitting wondering why not me…..

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