Thursday, February 28, 2013

Philosophy of Mind: A Beginner's Guide

Writers deal in ideas. We have to work with words, but writing starts in the mind. We have to have an idea or feeling we want to communicate. It's called intentionality. What is intentionality? It's the purpose behind an action. Why can't we say that a fan has intentionality? Isn't the purpose of the spinning blades to cool the room?  No. A thing without a mind cannot have intentionality.  What is a mind? It's the core question this book tries to answer. It seems in philosophy the more answers we get the more questions we want to ask. And if you're anything like me the big questions are the point, not the answers. That's why I shared this book with each contributor to this blog and why I want to talk about it here.

Wednesday, February 27, 2013

Kai Greene: The Dynamic Bodybuilder

Kai Greene is one of the most dynamic and well rounded bodybuilders out there, the way he moves on stage put most bodybuilders, and other athletes to shame, i been following Kai's career Since high school and every time i seen him perform its always been amazing and arousing experience he brings so much more than the same routines as the average bodybuilders, Kai entertains you to the fullest. The reason im such big fan bodybuilding is seeing the struggle and the determination of these athletes to get the perfect muscular body, and you become involved with the sport and the story of your favorite bodybuilder.     

Tuesday, February 26, 2013

William Jelani Cobb and Attraction to Intelligence

I've been thinking about how to approach writing about William Jelani Cobb, but until Corey decided to join us I didn't know what my angle of approach would be. I haven't read any of his books yet so I wasn't going to be doing a book review. I don't have any revealing or sexy photos of him, so I though avenue of approach was closed to me as well. Then Corey told me that he finds intelligence attractive in others, and it's not the first time I heard this. Jelani Cobb is intelligent and very hot. He even looks like a bear. A hot black bear academic? I can work with that. Corey, this one's for you and all the guys who find intelligence sexy.

Monday, February 25, 2013

Best Picture Winner Argo: Full Movie

It's been a while since I've payed attention to the Oscar race, but Argo seems to have broken through my wall of indifference. I can't ignore how many people have told me how good this movie is. Now that's won best picture I have to sit down and watch it. I figured I shouldn't be selfish. Why not share this with all the people who read the blog? We have a trailer below as well as the full movie if you care to watch. Please leave us your opinons of the movie in the comments section of the blog. We'd like to know what you think.

Sunday, February 24, 2013

Dear Other Man. (Nothing personal)

Dear Other Man,

Hi. I can imagine that you never thought that I would send you this letter or even contact you. I don't care if you met me already or if you know who I am. But who I am to someone we both know is important to me. I know that you have been seeing, talking, and texting my man for sometime now. I understand that you might have feelings for him and that you want him in your life as much as I want him in mine.

I want you to understand something. The man that your in love with belongs to me. You can't have him to yourself because I have him. Every night I keep him warm. Everyday I make sure he eats even when he isn't hungry. All the love I have for him can't compare to what you have for him. I don't think that you can give the amount of love I have for him.

Saturday, February 23, 2013

Teddy Bear: The Full Movie

James first brought this movie to my attention in his blog post called The Teddy Bear Movie. At first I thought it was Ted with Mark Wahlberg, but it's a dutch movie about an infantilized bodybuilder who finds love. Seeing this man's naked body is worth the watch.

Running Time: 92 minutes
Not rated In English, Danish and Thai with English subtitles

Friday, February 22, 2013

Forest Whitaker: Wrongly Accused Of Shoplifting

When I saw this on TMZ I knew I had to write a post about it. A New York deli employee accused Mr. Whitaker of shoplifting from and then humiliated him by frisking him in a public area. Forest Whitaker says that he was on his way out of the Milano Market on the upper west side when the deli employee stopped him and accused him of theft. Witnesses said the employee proceeded to frisk and pat Mr Whitaker Down. Mr Whitaker says he was angry and baffled about what happened. When the employee realized that first Forest didn't steal anything and second he had no right to frisk anybody especially one of the best actors of our time he apologized  Knowing the employee was afraid of losing his job Forest decided not to press charges.

My opinion on the subject is WHAT THE FUCK was wrong with the deli employee? Why would he think Forest Whitaker would ever steal from a low class deli, I mean really?

Thursday, February 21, 2013

Introducing Gregory Drayton: New Contributor to M3

Who is Gregory Drayton? A question I often ask myself. A music lover. Follower of the pope and all things pop culture. Movies are my escape and life is my jagged pill. As southern as sweet tea and warm as the South Carolina sun. Speaking of South Carolina its my birth place. The youngest (and smartest) of five and armed with a keen since of self, a gift from my mother the late great Alice Drayton. Being born with cerebal palsy I look at life as no one else does. Soon to be 40 and just as unclear and unsure about life as I was at 20, but now armed with all the bad choices and busted road blocks. Lets love laugh, and cry together with a wonderful but small inner circle that supports me through all my honey badger BS (yes my friends call me a honey badger) Unafraid, unforgiving, and one who fights his way through life.

Wednesday, February 20, 2013

Introducing Corey R. Scales: New Contributor to M3

20 Questions for Corey
Adapted from Snoop by Sam Gosling

1. What's your full name? Do you have a nickname no one calls you anymore?

Corey Raymond Scales. My birth certificate says that my middle name is 'Ray', which is the same misprint that my grandparents made on my dad's. I was almost named after him, which would've made me Harvey Ray Scales, Jr. This would destine me to either have become a serial murderer, a political assassin (they always have three names), or that guy in the Ford pickup truck that repairs your septic tank. And, no, I never had a nickname.

Monday, February 18, 2013

Ving Rhames: The Bad Ass and the Daddy Archetype

Irving "Ving" Rhames: Total Bad Ass
"Motherfucker!" - From Pulp Fiction

  1. I've been writing about how entertainment matters more than we know and how our whole lives are stories we construct using the tools of narratives we absorb through the media we consume. Like everything this idea is browned. I gleamed this insight from Joseph Campbell (The Hero with a Thousand Faces) who borrowed heavily from Carl Jung and his idea of the collective unconscious  It's something I haven't studied that extensively, but that might be why I can so easily butcher his idea. 

Obama's Legacy: A Liberal Supreme Court?

President Obama has already appointed two Supreme Court justices during his first term and may have the opportunity to appoint as many as three during his second term and tilt the ideological tilt of the court from conservative to liberal, but much of that will depend on who decides to retire and or passes away during his second term.

Sunday, February 17, 2013

Static Shock: Adapting Comics To Animation

Static Shock Is among my favorite characters in  DC Nation. To be truthful yes it is because he's black. The of a lack of black characters in much of the media is why I've been reading  comics since my early teens. It stimulated my already active imagination and inspired many creative daydreams and fantasies. When I came across Static Shock in Books-A-Million I was a little hesitant about reading it, but after giving a chance  later I realized my hesitation was unwarranted.  It should have been an easy decision. I was hooked instantly.

Saturday, February 16, 2013

Johnnie Jackson: Thick Perfection

"You can use his ass as a shelf!" - James Butler

We originally posted this video on YouTube, but it was removed for indecency  It's bullshit considering the other content there, but we're not going to let it stop us. We're trying out other video services and will embed them into our post to continue to bring you images of the hottest men online. We're going to have to talk about decency standards and the hypocrisy of our sex negative culture, but for now we're just happy to bring you this magnificent specimen.

Johnnie Jackson stands out as one of the few profesional bodybuilders who's crossed into erotica.  It's quite tame by internet standards, but his body is spectacular. Leaving a little to the imagination is a treat. His ass is something to behold and he's ashamed to show it in tasteful ways.  We hope you enjoy.

Friday, February 15, 2013

Nothing Happens When You Do Nothing

There's never going to be a perfect day unless you are a highly wealthy. Money is the root of all evil and having enough of it can make some or all your problems go away. But Karma always comes back to collect on your soul.

I'm going to through a spell of depression because I'm unemployed again.  I'm feeling like a failure sometimes and worthless. Most days I try to block out the negative feelings of being unemployed.  I'm the kinda person that I want what I want when I want it.  However, I am intelligent enough to know that feeling like that its not going to change the way things are.

The majority of us want whatever it is we want when we want it. When we don't get it anger and frustration begin to overwhelm us.  It causes us to not only make irrational decisions, but we hurt the people that we love, push them away, or make them leave altogether. When it gets too tough  start to remember the drive that you once had prior to landing that job. Think about every positive aspect you felt from the beginning to the end of having that position.

Thursday, February 14, 2013

Introducing the M3 Tumblr: Geeky Sexy Cool

The M3 Tumblr is a place where we can share with you more of the images that drive our twisted imaginations. It's explicit, but it's not just hot guys. Rather, we let out geek side out to play and show you that we're more than porn tumblr. We like comics and manga. We like the images that excite us sexually yes, but also the images that peek our curiosity. We'd like to show you things you may not be aware of and bring to your attention the funny side of erotica that keep us scrolling down to see more.

James has taught me a lot about online media and he's heading up the Tumblr project. Each of us will be contributing content, but James will be moderating. He's got such a twisted sense of humor that I can't wait to see what he's got in store for us. He's really great and finding things online that makes me smile or drop my jaw. All of our contributors will be helping supply it's content.

Wednesday, February 13, 2013

The Power of Habit: You are what you do

I love a good book. Especially if it's nerdy and discusses scientific research. Science is just people trying to figure out the way the world works. We think we know so much, but when we study the world just about everything we know is wrong. Some might think this is a weakness of science, but it's it's greatest strength. Understanding just how little we know is the first step in learning.  I've read my share of self -help books. This is not a self help book. It may have the power to change your life, but only if you recognize habits you want to change. Otherwise this book is just a window into your own mind or an interesting nonfiction book that explores how organizations have fixed problems by understanding the habits of their employees or the science of habit forming we learned from brain damaged patients. The range of topics is so broad there's something that will interest just about anyone.

Tuesday, February 12, 2013

Friendship: It's Hard to Say Goodbye

Unfortunately Roderick "The Muscle Pundet" will no longer be a contributor to The Male Media Mind. I was considering just saying that he had a conflict with work, which is true, but that doesn't come close to being the whole story. He's been one of my closest friends for some time now and it seems that conflicts over the writing of the blog has brought our friendship to an end.  He's still officially a contributor to the blog and will remain one until we publish his final post, but it's clear that he doesn't want to do this anymore and it's time that we find someone to join us to write in his place.

Friendship is an complicated idea that has been brought into stark focus because of this and instead of talking exclusively about this situation I'm using it as a springboard to talk about friendship in general. I hope I can explain myself clearly because it is important to me.

Monday, February 11, 2013

Chris Cormier: The Real Deal

James came to me with a layout of Chris Cormier. He knows me very well. It ptompted me to write a little about my obsession with bodybuilders.  I go to the gym regularly, but I can't say that I'm a bodybuilding fan. I don't follow the contests or track the standings in the sport. I'm much more a fan or bodybuilders. I used to buy the magazines as a kid before I could get my hands on porn. It was 1994 the internet existed, but it wasn't streaming video and pictures took forever to download. I was horny and just started to jack off when I ran across my first muscle magazine. I was instantly hooked.

Sunday, February 10, 2013

Drone Strikes: Worse than the Bush days?

Is President Obama a kinder, gentler, more tan Neoconservative?

I had planned an article about gays in sports (specifically pro football) but I had a different inspiration today.

The drone program has been a controversial part of the War on Terror (or is it ‘Terra’) since it was first disclosed during the Bush administration and today we learn that President Obama has kept details of the program from the Congressional Intelligence Committees.

The Power and Limitations of Atractivness

Ever wondered what it would be like if you had the ability of glamour?  I have always had the idea of what it would be like to manipulate someone to do my bidding.  I tell you fellas I have a really fucked up since of humor and an evil mind.

I would so get even with people that have crossed my path and purposely rubbed me the wrong way.  I would really do some evil.  Most of us would want this ability.  But there is always that thing called greed and carelessness that would eventually be our downfall.  However, this ability is only left for the vampires on True Blood to use.  Not us lowly humans.

But for the sake of argument.  Lets say you had this ability.  Would you be responsible or just greedy?  But think about this.  What if there are people that can glamour someone without this ability.  Its just that they have a natural talent to manipulate people to do what they want them to do.  This is really true.  People have used people for thousands upon thousands of years.

Saturday, February 9, 2013

Upside Down: A Stunning Twist on Forbidden Love

Kirsten Dunst (Spider-Man, Melancholia) and Jim Sturgess (Cloud Atlas, Across the Universe) star in Upside Down, an interplanetary dystopian romance about a young man’s search for the long-lost girl of his dreams. Written and directed by award-winning filmmaker Juan Solanas and set in twinned worlds with opposite gravities, the film puts an eye-popping, original twist on the classic tale of forbidden love

Friday, February 8, 2013

Michael Clarke Duncan and The Bear Archetype

I can remember when I learned of Michael Clarke Duncan's death. I didn't follow celebrities, but I couldn't pretend that his death didn't affect me. I was hurt. I actually cared about a person who I never met and would never know. I started digging to find out as much as I could about this man. I actually started to feel grateful the celebrity gossip rags for bringing all this information to me. For the first time I understood the obsession that is People and Us magazine. I often ridiculed them, but now I was turning to their reporting to learn everything I could about this man.

Maybe it's because there aren't many celebrities like Duncan that I never formed any attachments to movie stars before. I'm obviously into big guys and the media just wasn't offering up the people that interested me.

Christopher Dorner: Crazy Hot

"Why do the crazy ones have to be so hot?"

I usually don't do posta this fast, but this news story blew up today and I needed to write about it quickly. I found a link to it on Facebook and shared it on my timeline. I instantly got messages of support and interest. Then I went to the gym and saw it playing on the TV. I had a lot of responses on my Facebook page when I got back and I promised I'd post a picture of him shirtless. After all he is super hot. The story is still unfolding so I'm sure by the mooring we'll know more I just wanted to make a video, rant a little, and I post a link to his manifesto on Huff Post He makes a lot of claims in his letter that (I don't see the point in calling it a manifesto) that only time and the press will be able to verify.

I read it and I admit the guy doesn't seem that crazy on the surface.

Thursday, February 7, 2013

House of Cards: Money, Power, and the Meaning of Life

"It only takes ten seconds to crush a man's ambitions..."

If you don't already have Netflix House of Cards is a good reason to get a subscription. I didn't expect them to air an original TV show. Can I even call it a TV show? It wasn't made for television, it doesn't look like TV, and each episode is a "chapter" rather than titled. It feels a novel and all the chapters were released at once. House of Cards is incredible. It's as good as any political thriller I've read. How did this change in entertainment happen and and will it stick? It's from the people who brought us such films as Fight Club, The Social Network, and The Curious Case of Benjamin Button, so it's no surprise that House of Cards is a amazing, but will it be a successe for Netflix? At a $100 Million price tag for two seasons can it make a profit?

This may become my favorite show of all time. I love politics and philosophy. Putting the two together with an talented cast, an intricate storyline, high production values, and excellent writing? I'm hooked. They've managed an inside look at dirty politics using issues and themes playing out in the real world, but just incredible enough to keep your attention without going over the top. I've never seen something so engaging and brilliant.

Wednesday, February 6, 2013

Brutal Lynx: Bears In Online Media

I have noticed for awhile now that there are not many bear media personalities out there, at least with their clothes on that is. Not that there's anything wrong with naked bears, but a bear that catches my interest with his ideas and personality is rare. So one day I decided to fix that and search YouTube to see if I could find a good bear channel I can relate to. After going through many crazy, silly, and down right stupid videos. Then I came across a light at the end of the tunnel.

The YouTube Channel I'm talking about is Lynx Bear. After watching the first video I was instantly hooked. His personality and his funny commentary about life, news, and media, it's a refreshing twist to a video blog. His channel is a must subscribe.

Brutal Lynx Blog  Follow on Twitter  Facebook Fan Page

Tuesday, February 5, 2013

The Blackout

I thought about so many things that I wanted to do with my baby all day at work.  I'm very inexperienced at being a lover.  The best I can give is the emotional and sexual response of being in love since I only have been a few times in my life.  But in those cases I never been able to be with a guy long enough to express myself.  I feel like Chante Moore "This time im gonna give you all the love you need. This time this time this time."

I wanted to be romantic as I possibly could with the little I had.  I thought about doing something with candle light and some music.  But I'd like to go the extra mile and use some fruit, Cool whhip like (Stewie Griffin pronounces it), or Chocolate Syrup.  My best idea was to get him his favorite cookies and some baby oil.  Give him something for his sweet tooth while I rub his body down.  Sometimes I just want to squeeze so tight like a fluffy stuffed animal or just let him sleep on my chest while I rub my hand up and down his back.

Sunday, February 3, 2013

Hillary Clinton: The Baddest Bitch

“The bitch is back,” exclaimed Whoopie Goldberg on the Thursday, January, 24, 2013 broadcast of the View. 

Who’s the baddest bitch of them all? Her name is Hillary Rodham Clinton. Former First Lady, former two-term U.S. Senator from New York and former presidential candidate, and now former Secretary of State. It wouldn’t be America if the Republicans weren't Republicans. Republicans wouldn't be Republicans if they hadn't tried to score political shots at the most accomplished woman in American political history. Hillary Rodham Clinton wouldn't be the most accomplished woman in American politics if she didn't know how to fight back. 

Saturday, February 2, 2013

Tommy Vs. Cole: Who's the sexiest?

Martin is one of my favorite shows from the 90's. Even after almsot twenty years most of the jokes in the show are relevant.  It's hard to watch this show and not laugh out loud. But there's no doubt that there was quite a bit of hotness on the show as well, namely Tommy and Cole. Tommy the tall chocolaty and bald-headed brother had a little bit of a nerd thing going on. Cole was the slightly thick clown of the group always wearing the funny outfits and bringing the physical comedy almost as much as Martin did.

Tommy (Thomas Mikal Ford) is best known for Martin (1992) but also Harlem Nights (1989) and is a director and producer.  Cole (Carl Anthony Payne II) is also known for his time on The Cosby Show (12 episodes starting in 1987) as Theo's friend Carl.

Friday, February 1, 2013

Romantic Spontaeneous Combustion

I have to hand it to my lover, he knows how to catch a guy off his guard.  I get a rush of energy when he kisses me while I'm watching TV, when he slaps me on my ass when im not expecting it. That really gets me turned on. I can do it better than he does. I love walking into the kitchen when he isnt suspecting anything and give his ass a heartattack. He makes me feel so wanted and loved when he does the simplest things. Things that you wouldn't really pay attention to.

A good friend of mine told me that Spontenaity is a very good thing to have in a relationship. Doing things out of the blue and unexpected for your lover keeps things interesting and keeps it going. If your not being spontaeneous then you should get on your shit. Spontaeneous romantic activities are always good. Wait until your lover takes a shower and while he is in there getting that body ready go light some candles, set up a playlist of romantic love songs. Hell even have some ice cream waiting on me. When you get out the shower and walk in the bedroom you can be suprised at your lover set up.