Wednesday, December 4, 2013

M3 The Walking Dead Review - SE4: EP8 "Too Far Gone"

In the midseason finale  two major characters at opposite ends of the morality spectrum meet their end. Did you see it coming and was it inevitable? Who will you miss more? Check out our review and Subscribe to M3 on Youtube for the latest videos

The Governor rallies his group for an assault on the prison, claiming they can take it without killing anybody. He reveals that he's captured Michonne and Hershel and he'll use them as leverage. Hershel attempts to barter with The Governor, saying their groups can coexist in the prison peacefully, but The Governor isn't interested. Back at the prison, Daryl and Rick clash over Rick's banishment of Carol. Tyreese believes there's still a murderer in the prison, but before Rick can tell him about Carol, they hear an explosion outside, causing the group. The group checks it out and find The Governor's armed group outside the prison fences. The Governor reveals they have taken Hershel and Michonne as hostages and demands that Rick's group leave, but Rick refuses, counteroffering to let The Governor's group live in one of the prison's cell blocks. The Governor appears to consider this but instead takes Michonne's sword and partially decapitates Hershel, provoking a firefight between the two groups as the Governor orders his group to "kill them all". Hershel attempts to escape but Governor decapitates him completely; Michonne is able to slip away amidst in the gunfire. 

Meanwhile, Lilly looks onward at the river where a walker is swept by the waves while Meghan plays at a mud pile, but a walker suddenly arises from the mud and bites Meghan in the arm. As the battle continues, Mitch drives his tank over the prison fence, effectively rendering the prison useless as a stronghold from walkers. Lilly brings Meghan's body to the battle site, and The Governor shoots her in the head to prevent her from turning. Rick ambushes The Governor but The Governor gains the upper hand. Meanwhile, the prison group begins to split up as some members, including the sick, escape in the prison bus and others retreat on their own. Tyreese is pinned by two members of the Governor's group but Lizzie saves him. Daryl places a grenade inside the tank's main cannon, setting it afire and forcing Mitch to evacuate, and Daryl subsequently kills him with his crossbow. The Governor is about to kill Rick, but Michonne stabs him through his back with her katana. Rick then returns to the prison, looking for Carl, whom he finds. Together they search for Judith but find only a bloody, empty baby carrier. Devastated, Rick and Carl retreat from the prison on their own. Meanwhile, Lilly finds the wounded Governor lying on the ground outside the prison and shoots him in the head.

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