Saturday, December 14, 2013

Hygiene Tips From A Nerdy Black Bear: Beard And Facial Hair

Nerdy Black Bear is back with another hygiene post, that will hopefully inspire you to be a better groomed man. 

Today's topic is facial hair and how can we improve and take care of our facial follicles. Facial hair today has become a symbol of masculinity and in some cases and a right of passage for a man. In today's world, facial hair has become a new way for men to express ourselves, to show our personalities, and style.

Even fashion designers have started using bearded men in their shows and ads, which is a big step forward in the fashion community since some fashion designers are still stuck in the early 90s where men had to be smooth and fully shaven from head to toe. So to see more burly and hairy men coming up in the fashion world is a big step forward in my book. And to add the fuzzy cherry on top, facial hair has been added to the fetish lexicon in the gay community, not just for bears, but for gay men in general. So facial hair has surpassed just being fashionable and now it has become a real asset.

Growing Facial Hair

Starting to grow facial is one of the simplest things to do, just let your hair grow, but the difficult part for beginners is the itchiness that some men experience. For those with tougher skin this my not be a problem, but if you have sensitive skin you are gonna have some skin irritation issues. There are some things that can do to calm the irritation. Wash your face with cold water. It can cool the area and help soothe irritation. Sometimes an anti itching cream can work as well. This won't stop the irritation forever, but it will keep you from scratching your face off.

A lot of people make the rookie mistake by trimming there beards or mustaches too early in the growing process, wait a couple of months before trimming so that the hair is at a length you're comfortable with. The reason for this is if you cut it at the early stages and a mistake is made it will take awhile hair to regrow back. A small amount of men out there can't grow facial hair and sometimes that's due to genetics or medical issues. If you see a lot of patches where hair is growing in certain places on your face and not others, then you might want to change the style or the ultimate decision shaving it all off

Trimming And Shaping 

After a few months of growing your hair and getting it a certain length that your satisfied with its time to trim and shape it into the design you want, but there are some things you may want to consider before you get started, like the shape of your face. Some facial hair designs won't fit your facial features, so look at some designs online or if you have a trustworthy barber, check out his book of clients, or ask your barber and discuss it with him.

Self Trimming, Shaping, & Tools

For all you guys that like to do things yourself make sure you have the right tools like clippers, trimmers, and a shaving kit. These are key tools you need for a professional groomed look. Finding a good pair of clippers can be expensive, but it will save you money in the long run. At the bottom of the post I will include links to find some good grooming tools to help those do-it-yourselfers out there.

Keeping A Refreshed & Rejuvenated Beard 
So many men don't realize that you must shampoo your beard and keep it clean. I see so many everyday examples of men not cleaning there facial hair and the result is their hair looks dry and unkempt. It's not a good look. Treat your beard just like the hair on top of your head. Dirt, dust, and dead skin can get in your beard and can make your skin itch and become irritated, so use the same shampoo you use to wash head on your facial hair. It makes your hair more manageable and easy to trim in the future. And if you want more of that shine in your hair, use a good conditioner this will make your hair shiny and soft so when your partner and you become intimate he doesn't have to dodge  those cactus needles around your mouth.

Grooming Tools Links:

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