Thursday, December 5, 2013

M3 Hangout Live: Interracial Angst

M3 Hangout December 3, 2013: Interracial Angst
Join Cecil, Breeze, Gerald, James, Malcolm and Tony for a conversation about interracial dating among gay men. Is it possible to spot a black guy who only dates white men by his vocabulary and mannerisms alone? If this is judgement and stereotyping, does this exist for a reason? What is the source of the animosity toward black men who only date white guys? Is it self hate if a black gay man wouldn't date himself? Subscribe to us on Youtube for the latest updates

This is one of those topics that seems to come up time and again. It's understandable that people are upset by rejection, but why all the judgment? I thought it was great that we are a diverse group of bears who don't all see the world the same. It's one of the strengths of M3 that we can disagree and still be good friends while doing it. You may also notice that our videos are getting shorter. This isn't on accident. We do have a tendency to go a but long, but I've been editing the videos to make them flow easier and to improve your viewing experience. We hope you enjoy.

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