Tuesday, December 31, 2013

M3 Hangout Live: New Year's Eve

M3 Hangout Live: December 17, 2013
How do You celebrate New Year's Eve? Breeze, Malcolm, James, Gerald, Cecil, Trebor, and Vaughne discuss the holiday and their plans to celebrate it. Do you think New Year's resolutions are a waste of time? Do you celebrate the new year in a different way?

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Saturday, December 28, 2013

M3 Hangout: Year End Hangout (with special guest Clinton Jolliffi)

M3 Hangout Live: December 28, 2013
In this impromptu,unedited M3 Hangout, M3 Contributors Trebor, Cecil, Malcolm, Lynx, James, Gerald and special guest Clinton discuss the general acceptability of violence in the Black community, the pro's and con's PDA (public displays of affection), masculine and feminine roles in the gay community, Tha Big Dogs MLK Weekend Pride Celebration and much more during this year end Hangout roundup. 

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Thursday, December 26, 2013

M3 Hangout Live: The Spirt of Christmas

M3 Hangout Live: December 26, 2013
What does Christmas mean to you? Breeze, Cecil, Gerald, Malcolm, James, Trebor, and Vaughne talk about their experiences with the holiday. Do you celebrate Christmas as a religious or spiritual tradition? What do you think is lost as Christmas has become more commercialized? For the latest videos subscribe to M3 on YouTube

Monday, December 23, 2013

M3 Hangout Live: Social Dating Difficulties (with Special Guest Tony Banks)

M3 Hangout Live: December 10, 2013
What is your opinion of dating outside your age range or race? Trebor, Vaughne, Tony, Gerald, BigDaddy, and Malcolm talk about social pressures of dating outside your race or age range. What are some of the practical difficulties or dating someone much older or younger than yourself? 

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Friday, December 20, 2013

M3 Hangout Live: Scripted vs "Reality" Shows (with special guest Clinton Jolliffi)

M3 Hangout Live: December 7, 2013
Why are so called reality shows so popular? Cecil, Breeze, Clinton, James, Lynx, and Malcolm discuss the reasons why people are so drawn into reality shows and yet still complain about them. If reality shows are so bad why do we keep watching them?  Make sure to subscribe to our YouTube channel

Wednesday, December 18, 2013

M3 Hangout Live: Sex Advice to the Young Gays

M3 Hangout: November 23, 2013
Can gay men have spontaneous sex? Breeze, Malcolm, Trebor, Gerald, and Cecil give some advice to young gay men out there on how to have sex without the mess. If you know you're about to have a sexual encounter do you know how and when prepare yourself? Does size really matter? And if so, is bigger always better? From Nov 23, 2013 Make sure to visit and subscribe to the YouTube Channel to get the latest videos and get invitations to the live hangout sessions

Tuesday, December 17, 2013

M3 Hangout Live: Porn, Fetishes, and Fantasies with Tony Banks

M3 Hangout: November 19, 2013
After we finished the interview questions we get down and dirty with Tony Banks and ask him the questions we were too timid to ask at first. Vaughne, Trebor, Cecil, Lynx, James, Gerald, Breeze, and Malcolm ask Tony about porn blooper reels, we talk fetishes on film, and Tony gives advice to guys who have fantasized about getting into porn. To model for tony you can got to  http://www.hairyadultmodeling.com And make sure to subscribe to M3 on YouTube

Monday, December 16, 2013

M3 Hangout Live: The Beyoncé Phenomenon

M3 Hangout: December 14, 2013
Have Beyoncé posts on social media driven you crazy over the weekend? If so, we have some bad news, here's another one!

Breeze, Clinton, Lynx, James, Gerald, Cecil, and Malcolm felt obligated to discuss the cultural phenomenon known as Beyoncé. What is your opinion about her unexpected album drop? Is she a legend or overrated?

Sunday, December 15, 2013

M3 Hangout Live: The Lottery Plan

M3 Hangout: December 14, 2013
What would you do if you won 550 million dollars? Do you have a plan for the fallout of a big windfall? Cecil, James, Clinton, Lynx, Gerald, Breeze, and Malcolm talk about the often unforeseen consequences of winning a large amount of money. We often like to talk about what we will do with the money, but what will you do to keep your life in order? What is your lottery plan? For the latest videos subscribe to M3 on YouTube

Saturday, December 14, 2013

Hygiene Tips From A Nerdy Black Bear: Beard And Facial Hair

Nerdy Black Bear is back with another hygiene post, that will hopefully inspire you to be a better groomed man. 

Today's topic is facial hair and how can we improve and take care of our facial follicles. Facial hair today has become a symbol of masculinity and in some cases and a right of passage for a man. In today's world, facial hair has become a new way for men to express ourselves, to show our personalities, and style.

Friday, December 13, 2013

M3 Hangout: Sex and the Single Man

M3 Hangout: December 3, 2013
Could you be in a long term relationship without any sex? And if so, does outside sexual contact pose a higher threat to the relationship? James, Tony, Gerald, and Malcolm discuss Black Friday and non-monogamy. Breeze joins in and discusses his Thanksgiving holiday. Then we discuss the things porn doesn't  prepare you for about real sex. And Breeze vents about why Charles Manson has marriage right and gays don't. Make sure to subscribe to us on YouTube 

Thursday, December 12, 2013

M3 Hangout: The HIV Dating Dilemma

M3 Hangout: December 10, 2013
Would you date someone who is HIV positive? And if not is it simply a choice or is it discriminatory? Gerald, Trebor, Tony, Vaughne, Bigdaddy, and Malcolm talk about some dilemmas serodiscordant couples face including what level of sexual activity is comfortable for them, potential psychological issues such as infection fears and survivor guilt, financial strains due to illnesses. Join in the discussion by leaving a comment and subscribe to us on YouTube.

Wednesday, December 11, 2013

M3 Hangout Live: Computer Love

M3 Hangout: December 7, 2013
How likely is a love connection on Grinder? Breeze, Cecil, Clintion, James, Lynx and Malcolm talk about our history with online dating. What sort of expectations should we have when going onto a hookup site? What could be some of the unforeseen consequences of looking for more out of a sex site? Make sure to subscribe to our YouTube Channel for the latest videos.

Tuesday, December 10, 2013

M3 Hangout Live: The Christmas Conundrum

M3 Hangout: December 3, 2013
What is your philosophy of gift giving? After a short discussion of entertainment topics, Gerald, James, Breeze, Cecil, Malcolm and Tony discuss gift giving. Do you think Christmas has become too commercialized? How do you give a gift that is from the heart? What are you most hoping to receive/not receive this year? Make sure to subscribe to YouTube for the latest

Monday, December 9, 2013

M3 Hangout Live: Fear of Monogamy

M3 Hangout December 7, 2013: Fear of Monogamy
Are gay men men scared of monogamy? Breeze, Cecil, James, Lynx, and Malcolm talk to special guest Clinton Jolliffi about the fears some man have that their partners will cheat on them if they don't give up on monogamy. Below is a link to the article discussed. Make sure to subscribe for the latest.

Friday, December 6, 2013

The Tony Banks Sessions - Tony's Fitness, Favorites and the Future

Breeze, Trebor, Cecil, Lynx, James, Vaughne, Gerald, and Malcolm talk to Tony Banks about his approach to health and fitness. We also talk to Tony about his favorite televisions shows and movies. We then ask him about what would be his perfect day. Then we ask him about his plans for the future, his philanthropic interests, and his musical influences.

Thursday, December 5, 2013

M3 Hangout Live: Interracial Angst

M3 Hangout December 3, 2013: Interracial Angst
Join Cecil, Breeze, Gerald, James, Malcolm and Tony for a conversation about interracial dating among gay men. Is it possible to spot a black guy who only dates white men by his vocabulary and mannerisms alone? If this is judgement and stereotyping, does this exist for a reason? What is the source of the animosity toward black men who only date white guys? Is it self hate if a black gay man wouldn't date himself? Subscribe to us on Youtube for the latest updates

Wednesday, December 4, 2013

M3 The Walking Dead Review - SE4: EP8 "Too Far Gone"

In the midseason finale  two major characters at opposite ends of the morality spectrum meet their end. Did you see it coming and was it inevitable? Who will you miss more? Check out our review and Subscribe to M3 on Youtube for the latest videos

Tuesday, December 3, 2013

M3 Hangout Live - Gay Propaganda

M3 Hangout November 23, 2013 - Gay Propaganda
Cecil, Trebor, Gerald, Malcolm, and Breeze discuss the dubious "research" that draws a connection between homosexuality and pedophilia. Then we break down the hypocrisy surrounding sexual expression straights enjoy and the double standard that gays are expected to shut up about their sexual experiences. 

M3 The Walking Dead Recap - SE4: EP8 "Too Far Gone"

The midseason finale marked the end for two major characters at opposite ends of the morality spectrum. Hershel, the heart of the series after Dale died, and the Governor, the dark, malignant force that has plagued our heroes since last season, both reached the end of their storylines. Who will you miss more — Hershel or the Governor? (Let's just say, I'm not going to be able to see Santa this holiday season in the same way. Only Scott Wilson as Hershel and Richard Attenborough as Kris Kringle can pull off that short, sophisticated white-haired beard so well.)

Monday, December 2, 2013

The Tony Banks Sessions - Things You Always Wanted To Ask A Porn Star But Were To Afraid To...

Trebor, Breeze, Cecil, Gerald, James, Vaughne, Lynx, and Malcolm talk to Tony Banks about his personal sexual preferences. Tony then talks about how the porn industry stereotypes black men and how few black bears are starting in and producing bear porn. Tony talks about an embarrassing incident on set that almost required him to go to the hospital. For the latest subscribe on YouTube

Sunday, December 1, 2013

M3 Hangout Live: The Problem With The Po Po

M3 Hangout November 23, 2013 - The Problem With The Po Po
Cecil, Trebor, Malcolm, Gerald, and Breeze discuss the dysfunctional relationship between the police and the black community. We talk about the personality traits that lead to abusive behavior by police officers and why there is distrust with so many in our community. What do you think accounts for the differing views on the police and what would you add to this conversation? Subscribe to us on YouTube for the latest