Sunday, October 6, 2013

America On Ice

The White House during the War of 1812
Picture if you will a lovely Saturday afternoon, a typical Urban Arena and thousands of families emptying from automobiles to see the long awaited extravaganza, “AMERICA ON ICE”! the parking lot spreads out like an ocean of color in all directions and eventually everyone passes into the arena grabs bulging bags of popcorn, nachos, French fries and chicken tenders, candy floss and just about every imaginable food and beverage that can be had in an all American event such as this.

The White House after the War of 1812
No sooner is the audience seated then the entertainment begins, the sound is mesmerizing the colors are brilliant, cannon fire sparking streamers of red, white and blue into the heights of the arena, a big band of over 100 musicians begins to play a medley of familiar Americana and then the main stars begin to come in. Why if it isn’t every member of congress on ice skates! Their state is printed in big golden letters in an antique style upon their red, white and blue top hats. In their hands they carry large tokens representing their state’s most important contribution to the American economy. The crowd cheers as they begin to throw free products, cell phones, notebooks, t-shirts, gift cards into the crowd as the cannon begin to hurl them into the crowd as well with a huge plume of red, white and blue smoke! The building shakes as if there had been and earthquake with the cheers and excitement of the audience. Then the congressmen go back to the fringe of the ice rink and pull desks away which are replicas of the desks in the house of congress… they come together in a great ring as if they are going to vote on the most important bill that has ever been voted on in the history of America. The crowd is insatiable they cheer and roar and the cannon roar and the congressmen roar on their ice skates and then the congress men freeze! Everything comes to a grinding halt, the music the fanfare and the audience becomes so quiet that one can hear his own heart beating eagerly in expectation of some new marvel! But nothing happens! The performers remain fixed in their positions and eventually the crowd begins to leave, the ocean of automobiles recedes like low-tide and the parking lot is a deserted vastitude of asphalt once again…

There was never any reliable excuse for bizarre mishap. Patrons who tried to get refunded were simply told that there was no refund available. The arena was closed down, boarded up and for many, many years until it was finally demolished it lay vacant and derelict. There was and has never been any reasonable explanation for what happened there but years later when the real congress in Washington, D.C. threatened to shut down the United States government, to bring the slowly recovering economy to a grinding halt endangering the National security and the economy by precipitating condition’s that would surely spell its imminent demise the people of this region stood by and watched again. They did nothing, just as they had done nothing before… They watched and waited while congress put on its grandiose show as if they had something amazing to reveal to the American people, something worth the creation of a National pause but instead of enlightenment all congress did was make a hopeful situation hopeless. They killed America. Not since the criminal rebellion of 1861 which ignited the American Civil War had such a dangerous attack upon the sanctity of freedom and the American Nation itself been waged. And they simply watched, like the totality of the American peoples, they all watched and did nothing! 

Decades later when America had failed as a nation, Washington, D.C. lay in ruins sacked and ground into the swamp by successive conquerors. No flag sailed in that one time city because it was still being fought over by several competing nations. When the Government was shut down its national security lay wide open and certain opportunistic interests pried open the gates of what was once a strong nation. The twisted heaps of what once was the very gates of freedom lay buried beneath the swamps that gradually took over what was once the capitol city of The United States of America…

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