Wednesday, September 18, 2013

Is the DL Lifestyle Obsolete?

By D. David Vollin

Black men who remain closeted are becoming obsolete commodities in a world that has long since left them behind!

The American Armed Forces, The federal and many state jurisdictions have fundamentally changed to accommodate homosexuals a cultural shift that is more than a sign that things will change! The world has changed right before their eyes but they remain blind sighted and therefore trapped in an obsolete time capsule by their own fears!

The DL man has built up a tower of complex deceptions over many, many years and they have invested literally everything into its maintenance... More than being afraid being outcasts because of their sexuality these men fear they will be ostracized from society because of the massive reticulation of lies they have perpetrated to family, colleagues and friends. They do not see the world as being welcoming to their coming clean they fear the world they have grievously deceived will punish them for their deceptions! They fear the world will say, "I do not truly know you, you have lied to me, I must now re-learn what part of you is real". They fear that the world will not give them a second chance that the world will not want to get to know them a second time.

The truth is that while DL men are exhausting themselves manufacturing alternate realities the rest of the world has already begun the difficult task of accepting homosexuality and is assimilating gay culture into the American Mainstream. Closeted men are discovering there is no place for them any longer, people are becoming less and less understanding of their plight because there is no plight any longer. We are all moving forward waiting for them to begin to live as men or to die taking their obsolete, deceptive and destructive life styles with them to the grave.

This sadness and the beauty of it all is that history will move forward without them, in fact, it has already done so. The world has changed right before their eyes. It is a new day! Like anything in which a person has so much invested we cannot realistically expect DL men to suddenly wake up and open up about their sexuality. Their networks are still intact but their tactics have been exposed. Many women have become savvy about the DL lifestyle and are not afraid to question male partners whom they suspect to be gay. Many openly gay men are rejecting DL men who they see as half-baked men living in fear! At last the tables are beginning to turn so as the gay lifestyle becomes more mainstream the DL lifestyle will sink deeper into the murky depths of obsolescence... in the end, the mainstream, openly gay lifestyle will have the last laugh! And no, it isn't a game at all... This is the real McCoy, the thing we call life!

Male Media Mind