Friday, September 13, 2013

Hygiene Tips From A Nerdy Black Bear Part 2

This black bear is back with another hygiene post to help men out there with there cleanliness and health needs. but in this post I will discuss something a little different than my first post on hygiene. I'm adding a list of products and items we can use to improve our lives. And I want to talk about sexual cleanliness and perpetration as well. In today's world more and more men are buying products to improve themselves I'm here to talk about what works and what doesn't. So today's post is about the douching and the right way to douche. A lot of people not just gay men don't know the proper way to douche well I am here to clear the mystery.

The Proper Anal Cleaning

Some gay men want to know how to properly clean or douche there ass before a sexual act. this is a very important thing to do before anal. Why do i need to douche? you ask well douching clean out the waste that lingers in your bowls even after a good shit there still will be waste in the upper bowls. you will need to do this well. because when your partners or toy dick reaches the prostate in your ass, you will feel that pressure like you need to shit but if you douche well, waste wont come out. But to do this you need the proper tools to douche with, some pharmacies do sell douches but they are made more for women then men the tubes are to small so you cant really get the water where you need it, your best bet to get proper douching kit of men is at your local sex shop or at a trusted gay toy site online. i will show you the different  douches at the bottom of the post so you know what to get. so lets skip ahead when you do get the proper douche make sure that the water is warm NOT HOT!!!! you want to clean your ass not cook it. second make sure the nozzle is soft the reason i say this is because a hard plastic nozzle can poke and cut your anal cavity so you need a soft nozzle. third properly insert the nozzle in the anal cavity and shoot some water in the anal cavity make sure you are near a toilet to release the water and waste into the toilet. Keep repeating the steps until you don't see any waste in the toilet just water

Downside to Douching 

Douching to many times can washes away much of the protective mucous lining of your ass, leaving you more open to infections.

 It can irritate your ass lining making infections easier to enter through the inflamed skin. Sticking a nozzle up your ass could cause tiny cuts.

Avoid a douche just before sex as after douching you can still ‘leak’ water for a while.

Overuse of enemas/douches can interfere with the normal workings of your bowel, with some people’s bowels needing laxatives to function.

Enemas can ‘overload’ the heart so avoid them if you have an irregular heart beat or other heart problems.


Colt Advanced Shower Shot
Specifically created to make backdoor cleansing quick, easy and extra versatile in terms of location, the Colt Advanced Shower Shot system easily attaches to just about any tap, shower or tub based water source.

Consisting of everything needed to set up and clean up while enjoying the process, the Advanced set contains first, a 6 foot (1.75m) non tarnishing, non crimping, nickel free metal hose with tons of flexibility. Each end affixes a handheld controller with or without a directional valve adapter that redirects the downward flow of water to an angle that suits and a choice of three attachments, respectively. An insulted water along with a flat washer further speed the hook-up process, along with a locking connector. Full instructions are included. Phthalate free ABS plastic attachments.

Booty Call Blaster: Cleansing System In Black

 A large supple bulb at the end controls suction within the anatomically curved applicator tip, just place the tip in your chosen fluid while compressing the bulb to fill the reservoir, or fill the bulb before attaching the tip. The sleek applicator is perforated evenly, distributing uniformly once inserted, it's nice and firm for precision placement, yet forgiving and supple enough to conform perfectly to unique body curves.

Made from pure silicone, one of the most sought after materials in the toy industry, along with equally body safe elastomer, the Blaster is ultra body friendly, completely hypoallergenic and extremely sensitive to temperature, you'll feel it warm quickly to match up with body heat as you get clean.

Supple, manageable and extraordinarily user friendly, the Booty Blaster is a simple, ultra effective douche and enema system that cleans thoroughly and perfectly comfortably. A must-have for anal enthusiasts, the pure silicone, elastomer tipped Blaster leaves you squeaky clean and ready for anything.

Length - 9 1/2"
Insertable Length - 5 1/4"
Girth - 3" at largest
Width - 1.9" at widest
Material - Silicone, elastomer

Special Features - Hypoallergenic, hygienic, curvy applicator
Color - Black

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