Friday, September 27, 2013

How Bisexuality and DL Culture May Effect Human Evolution

There is a difference between being “DL” and “Bisexual”, actually there are many, many differences between these two types of men. All DL men are not bisexual and all bisexual men are not DL.

It is my opinion that each category must be examined separately which is itself a very broad topic. It is not the purpose of this article to go into that level of detail to fully explicate the phenomenon of either bisexuality or the Down Low Lifestyle. the purpose of this article is to draw some conclusions about the cultural relevance of each both individually and in relation to each other and to predict how, given the current trend of social awareness at this phase of the sexual revolution, whether they represent long or short-term trends in human sexual development. At the first quarter of the Twentieth Century this lifestyle has come to a point where it poses a dangerous threat to potentially endanger the mental and physical health in the lives of those men and women who become emotionally and sexually entangled with them unaware of their hidden lifestyle. Socially and culturally the Down-Low lifestyle has virtually outlived its usefulness in the community of humanity, it has become obsolete. But due to its cryptic nature, hiding out deep in the hidden subconscious of human sexuality, it has become a difficult target for social reform and cultural evolution. 

We are at the middle of a very long road toward what has been termed “The Sexual Revolution” and the closer we peer into the realm of human sexuality we find there are more questions than answers… I have opined that what has been coined the “DL” lifestyle is not itself inherently evil being representative of the free choice we all enjoy to choose the nature of our own sexuality. However, within this Down-Low culture I find clearly characterized specific perverse social and psychological deficiencies with respect to the ethical standards of mainstream culture. Compounded by the health issues of the late 20

Likened to homosexuality before it became mainstream Down-Low culture is constantly in hiding and on the run it lives a desperate and fearful life always on the brink of utter disaster. Ironically, this is all the more reason why mainstream culture, which has come to accept homosexuality, is so perplexed by its tenacity. But there are even murkier issues continuing to drive the need for homosexual men to hide in fear and shame in a climate of openness and acceptance. One thing is certain, as homosexuality becomes increasingly mainstream DL culture will no longer have a reason for existence. Where it leaks over into bisexuality it will merely be considered another form of cheating. Bisexuality on the other hand is just coming into its own as a viable alternative to established heterosexual and homosexual notions of sexuality and including notions on what constitutes a human relationship. Bisexuality will become an ever growing phenomenon as taboos of sexual orientation disappear succumbing to mainstream concepts of universal sexuality. Before the tale is told bisexuality will bring monogamy to its knees revising the very foundations of how human beings think about love and relationships, marriage sexuality… 

DL men, whether they are strictly homosexual or bisexual share in common the fact that they are not open about their homosexuality. Some, not all, DL men often feign a heterosexual persona as a cover for their more dominant homosexual orientation so it can be further argued that some DL-Bisexual men are not truly bisexual, rather they are what might be called, “DL/Faux-heterosexual” or even “Quasi-heterosexual”, Faux-heterosexual, etc., etc., etc. The main point is that a man who only pretends to be heterosexual but is actually homosexual is actually homosexual! 

We must always leave some room for those men who are actually bisexual but choose to suppress their homosexuality publicly for some personal reason known only to them. This category may include men who are actually openly bisexual to their female partners but not publicly. Notwithstanding, these men easily fall into the same category as DL men but perhaps not with the full cache of psychoses that typify the DL psyche in general. 

There are some bisexual men who are genuinely DL because they have unresolved issues with their homosexuality ranging from a host of reasons such as having already established a heterosexual relationship, adult peer pressure from church, work or other social realms, etc. Once, again, there is no issue with their freedom of sexual expression but it is the perverse social, emotional and health dynamics they set into motion through their actions which bring their sexual practices under examination as potentially pathological. It is the not the homosexuality that I have issue with it is the artificial realm of deception required to screen and support their homosexuality that is ultimately the problem.

To clarify my argument, I have opined that men who choose to hide their homosexuality in a social climate that is open to it are operating outside of mainstream culture. Such men have chosen to create a condition that does not exist anymore transforming DL behavior into a type of modern phobia not dissimilar and actually a manifestation of homophobia. These men may need psychological assistance to manage their fear and to at least establish a strategy to manage their lifestyle in a manner that is responsible on an ethical level.

Indeed, in this current social climate where homosexuality is mainstream we must closely analyze the behavioral patterns of men who operate as homosexuals but suppress self-actualization of their homosexuality. We must attempt to understand what drives their tendency to exponentially exacerbate this dysfunction through the conscious physical and psychological falsification/manipulation of reality purposed to suppress a firmly established practice of same sex encounters. Why do these men desire to substitute their homosexual lifestyle with a patently manufactured heterosexual lifestyle? This behavioral pattern must be considered to be aberrant not because these men do not have the right to freely choose the nature of their sexuality without being judged but because the way they have chosen to express their sexuality has placed those who are sexually and emotionally involved with them in physical and mental peril!

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