Sunday, September 1, 2013

Google Hangouts: Lynx, Trebor, James, and Gerald

Doing the the Google hangouts has really been a great learning experience. From the get go, we made sure we talked about the things that everyone talks about in private and we bring it out in the open. We always make sure to obey our curiosity and explore the issues we care about. We hope to get your input on future topics. Messages us leave comments, get your questions answered.

 How does internet communities affect our enjoyment of television? Then we talk a little about Django Unchained and how bears could be cast in leading roles. 

Hot Bears In Media: Kelle Whitehurst

We discuss many different topics that surround social pressures. Do people dictate how you view your own skin color? What is the purpose of fraternities? Do we pressure people to hide their sexuality?

Male Media Mind