Friday, August 9, 2013

Logan's Comics: Adult Comics For Bear Nerds

I love it when your favorite things come together perfectly. Logan's Comics does this with ease, combining adult content and comic book cool. There are not many artists that can raise a man's... curiosity the way this one does. If you take away the adult entertainment, you can still have a detailed and creative art style that is just pleasing to the eye. You can easily see the time he put in each image. I've been a big fan of Logan's for some time now and I'm happy to share it with the readers of M3. So if you want some adult comics and a good read check out Logan's site.      

Artist Bio: Those who know me can tell you ... I'm a totally sex maniac. And i'm proud of it, of course. And if you doubt it, just visit the galleries and we'll talk about it, then. But i can be a real good boy and i can stop talking about sex during approximately 15 minutes, that's the time it takes me to make a great blowjob.

Well, check this out . Yes ... I know it's a Biography, but what i do is more interesting than what i am. Each
and every drawer has a style that he built during many years. And each style come from several influences. You can't just draw whihout a background. The first important thing is the technical. The best of us, they all have drawed shit the first time they took a pen, trust me on this. Virtuosity doesn't come easely, you have to draw thousand of shit to obtain a good drawing, in the first years. The second important thing is influences. The one who come to me and say that he build his technic from nothing but himself, this one is a big liar. We all have graphical references. Again, only time will mixes all your influences in one typical ... YOURS. But, it's a long hard road... and many sketches will end in the thrash before it happens.

See my job, for an example ... The most part of the regular comics readers will see many different influences in my comics (american comics artists to be clear). I can even give names : Mignola, Timm, Byrne, Buscema (R.I.P.). And if you take a look at my artwork chronologicaly, the first illustrations look like a sort of "cheap realism with full of details only here to mask graphical mistakes" .What i try to do know is to clean (or purify) my drawings from those useless details to reveal only what is important (cartoon-like), The coloring process is also something very helpfull for me. 

Now, let's talk a little about the characters and the way they interact. Domination and Bestiality are the best definition of how my characters act. You know everything about the Men In Uniform thing, i'm sure ...( Just add the suits-and-tie and the super-hero suit...) Morphology is very important and usefull to express graphically a character's temperament. broad-shouldered, heavy jaws, bulky, wrestler-like... sure thing is that they are buit for action, not the kind of glamorous porn actors you could have seen on the eighties (Yerk!).

In fact, what's matter in the man is... the Wicked Sex Maniac Beast Within..!

Male Media Mind