Saturday, July 13, 2013

On What Works: Thoughts about Constructive Disagreements

I woke up this morning pretty excited and exhausted. The night before, I was up till about five a.m., talking with Beau, Dulani, and James in a Google Hangout. I'm downloading the video now which came out to about three hours. The thing is we went on talking for at least four more hours, knowing that it wasn't being recorded. The point that occurred to me this morning was we'd do this even if we weren't blogging simply because we want to engage in these types of conversations. A lot of metaphorical topics came up as well as favorite movies and characters. We talked about news and politics, love and relationships, and just cracked a few jokes and cut up here and there. When it came down to it, that is exactly why M3 works and it's what I want our readers to enjoy.

So what kept us engaged for so long? We talked for nearly 8 hours. Think about all the people on Facebook who are at work, bored out of their minds, imagining them engaged in their jobs so intensely that they wanted to stay at work past closing time. It's absolutely insane to imagine, and yet that's exactly what happened last night. We had so much to say to each other because we know what works for us in our lives and we want that for our friends. A fundamental respect for each other allowed us to disagree with one another and still hear what the other was saying. On a certain level, we all agree on much of the broad outlines but on particular details of how and why certain things work, we have diverging viewpoints. The thing is, while I'm trying to make an argument for thinking the way I do, I find myself open to them as well, seeing the issues in a new and exciting way. I'm not constrained by my own opinions when I'm considering their ways of thinking.

There's another reason the conversation lasted so long, simply because I like these people. I wished we were at some coffee shop somewhere talking about the same things. I'm sure at some point we will do that. Certainly, some technical issues wouldn't be a bother, but at the same time each of us being in our own private space was even more intimate. We were welcoming each other into our homes. We were in a space where we can be ourselves and yet we're recording most of it and we know that we're making it available for anyone to see. It's an interesting dynamic that is only getting better as time goes on. Subscribe to our YouTube Channel to see the Hangout as we cut it into segments and release it over the next week. Drop us a line and we can answer your questions and engage your perspective in our next Hangout.

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