Friday, July 5, 2013

Brutal Lynx: The Mail Is Here!

Hi Guys!

I want to thank those who submitted questions via my tumblr from the Male Media Mind. This is the first episode of "The Mail Is Here!" in which I answer a few questions for you guys.

Why is the sky blue? Why are str8 people fashionably challenged? Why is Kelly Rolands bottom lip taking over the world? Love, relationships, life, advice... bring em on!

Keep the questions coming!

To ask a question to be answered via "The Mail Is Here" head on over to my tumblr at and click on "Ask Lynx Anything". You can ask anonymously or not. If you want a shout out in the video do not post anonymously or at least include your name in the message. Can't wait to answer some more of your questions!

- Lynx Savage

Male Media Mind