Saturday, June 29, 2013

That Look You Give

I got to be the most imperfect person you have

ever found yourself partnered with. I have so many

faults that I guess it would be right

for you to feel like your boyfriend is kinda


Told me I disgust you sometimes with stuff I do

you wouldn't do. I sometimes cut

myself inside to not feel the shame that

you feel about me. That look you give me hurts

and the way you talk to me hurts

That look that says

disappointment in my obvious


 makes me feel like I let you down 

in the worst way. 

I probably come off as Overton from

Living Single 

at times when I don't catch on 

to certain things 

and when I ask you to repeat things.

Yes I annoy you 

I can tell. 

And all I can say is 


sorry for that.

Epic fail 

I feel.

"This nigga."

I see

That look on your face 

That's why I don't

cook anymore 


I volunteer to cook 

When I disgust you?


there have been lots of times I wanted to so

 I could just

cook for myself.

maybe my amateur culinary skill is good enough.

I feel so disappointed to let you down so often

I wonder 

is there something really wrong with me?

That look you give.

That look you give.

Oh it just tears me into pieces.

No excuses I can give.

No explanation for my carelessness 

and lack of skill

and for my epic fails.

Now all I can imagine is 

what I can do

 to make you love me again?

 You say you love me then

I see

that look you give

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