Tuesday, June 18, 2013

Learning How to Live Intentionally

It was recently asked in a hangout by our editor, what is the biggest lesson that life has taught us. The answer I gave at the time will appear in the hangout series, but it got me to thinking about what we can share with those who are coming behind us. Well, the biggest thing I've learned is that I'm co-creator with God himself and that I have the ability to change my experience in life in a more intentional and deliberate way. Many years ago I came across the law of attraction through an Oprah show segment (Yeah Oprah).

It was definitely a moment in my life where I needed answers and wanted to know the truth about this life that we share. At that point, I was some years out of high school. I was young, just starting to accept being gay, and had separated from the religious traditions of my church, but I was still believer.  I understood the teachings a bit, but not fully. The law of attraction didn't resonate with me fully until years later when I moved to Atlanta. It wasn't until running into a long time Twitter friend, Dulani Moore that I revisited the idea. It was like whoa, someone else actually understood what I was talking about. The law of attraction was the beginning of my journey to grasping a deeper understanding of how we attract people, things, and events into our experience. I studied it deeply. I listened to Abraham hicks, got all the DVDs and audio, and it became like melodies in my ears.

Today, I still practice and incorporate the law of attraction into my everyday life. I'm not perfect. I have my moments of negativity, and feelings which then change my experience for the worse. However, I"m more cognizant of the truth of what's going on spiritually. As opposed to just thinking everything as "the Devil" doing bad things to me. I had a talk with a friend who listened to me talk about all my feelings on this subject. After some drinks and a drive home I begin to reflect on the people who are around me and came up with this:

"Sometimes we can find bits and pieces of ourselves by the people whom are drawn to us and the people we are drawn to, cause most times, subconsciously what we give off in vibes attracts those people, weather positive or negative. Choose and think wisely, live intentionally......"

The best lesson I've learned in life is that, when we begin to take notice and look around us we can see bits and pieces of ourselves in those whom we choose to associate with. It's not a coincidence that we just happen to be around the people who resonate with us. We often say that people come into our life for a reason, a season, or maybe even a lifetime. I see more of what's going on with me by the people with whom I interact. When I think about the people whom I have connected with recently, some of my negative traits and some positive ones, I then I know why they are present in my reality. The greatest lesson I've learned in my life is that the law of attraction works whether you want it to or not. I choose to harness that power to improve my life and think wisely about the energy I put out into the world. Live intentionally.

Male Media Mind