Thursday, June 13, 2013

Gorgeous Dirty Glances: My Experience in Gay Clubs

I should have talked about this topic a long time ago. It's an experience that I often go through when I'm out at clubs. It's something that I don't understand fully, but I'd like to share it with you.

The Scenario: You're at the club and you're enjoying yourself with your friends. In the middle of sipping on a drink you notice a handsome guy glance at you. The eye contact between you is half a second at most.  Then he frowns. As he turns his head he rolls his eyes at you in disgust. What do you feel?  Rejection? A little sadness?

Honestly, I get disgusted that a grown man can act like a little bitch. It baffles my mind to think about why. I realize I'm not at a place with a reputation for kindness, but what the hell? What kind of atmosphere should I expect from a gay club? Gay men are always interested in whatever the hell tickles their fancy or makes them feel aroused. I used to get a slight erection when I saw an attractive man in the club, but now he really does nothing for me unless he's naked.  After experiencing these rude, nasty glances from strange men, I don't feel any less about myself anymore. If I'm in a bad outfit, then I would be a little less confident; shit that's cause I don't look good, not cause of them. I like to look fly when I go out. Though my wardrobe is not at the height of male fashion, I clean up well. Don't hate.

But anyway....This club I went to last night was really nice far as the building and the setup, but its patrons were enough to make me want to burn the place to the ground with the assholes in it (shit, even the innocent assholes). The crowd was full of attractive men with a sprinkling of undesirables. I made some glances at guys and even got flirted with by a hairy bear. I knew he was only flirting with me for a cigarette. I gave him a bashful smile and ignored his comment about my sexy lips. The DJ should have been shot and/or crucified for the bad music he was playing. I have to say when you're in a club and they play the theme music from Good Times and The Jeffersons, you know it's time to go.

I just kept feeling like a fish out of water for some reason.  I only met one person there that I knew and it was because my lover and I had a threesome with him. He was a handsome short guy. He fit right in with the faces, but his personality made him so much better than all the other guys there. Sometimes you'll find a down-to-earth guy in the club, but don't go in expecting it. I even got a nasty glance from an ugly guy. Jesus Christ, it's bad enough you look like Bullwinkle with Down's Syndrome, please don't turn your face up like that at me. I'd like to keep my dinner in my stomach, thanks.

Why do these gay men act so superficial? It's beyond my comprehension.  But fellas, I'm telling you, please don't let these guys make you feel any less confident about yourself just cause they give you a bad look or roll their eyes at you. Cause best believe that there is a reason why they're on the other side of the room like a wallflower, or on the dance floor alone, and not hugged up with someone special like I was with my lover. I guess it's because they don't love themselves. They came there only for attention so they can reject someone who looks better than them. At this point, I really couldn't give a fuck. I don't let stuck up assholes ruin my night, that's the shitty DJ's job.

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