Sunday, May 5, 2013

Online Encounters: Fakes, Flakes, and Faggotry

This topic is for everyone who's been online and tried to meet people. I'm asking to share my view or sarcastic opinion about the foolery on these notorious sites, A4A, BGC, etc. that we use to look for love, sex, or friendships that we hope lead to love. I can remember when I was my early twenties almost having a meltdown cause I didn't have a webcam. I wanted to be like all the other guys online. I have created and deleted numerous accounts on various gay websites, looking for love or a hookup. Finding friends on a gay website geared toward sex doesn't translate to a place to find friends. However, there are good guys on there that are actually cool, regardless of whether they are a thousand miles or four states away. Men showing love for not only the physical but the mental side of other men is so much better than scoring a session with a big dick or some awesome ass.

My experience using these sites over the years have been one of unbelievable aggravation. As men, we like what we see, but what about as gay men? We not only like what we see, we are picky, insensitive, and critical. In my personal opinion and experience, I have often times wanted to throw my desktop or laptop out the Goddamn window talking to these shady, stupid ass guys. I am so grateful for the block feature on these things; they work so well.

There are these faggots on these sites that will try to hurt your feelings by inboxing you hateful messages. They hide with private pictures or already have you blocked so you cant say something back to them. The occasional hater that will report your account to have it deleted because they dislike you, or because you wont give them the time of day, or you tell them that you're not interested. Idiot. I'm trying to spare your feelings, so why you gotta hate? "Damnit, those were my best pictures, you monkey-faced son-of-a-bitch!!!"

See, you have some men on those sites that are what we call "Thirsty." They will beg you to show pics, and just show pics, and/or meet them in hopes of having sex with them. Don't even let these guys smell up the dirtiest pair of your draws. Cause not only will they enjoy a good time, they will tell the world and their dog about the boring sex that they had with you to make themselves feel good about their pitiful life. Glad that I never look worse in person than in my pics. But these haters want to make you feel like shit.

This one I like to call a board member. Fellas, don't play hoe games on sites cause you talking shit to somebody's inbox. Just cause you're on a phone or through keyboard and you have your profile pic locked doesn't mean people don't know you. This gay world is small. That's what you call some hoe ass shit and you will be called on it. Cats like these are with a committee of muthafuckas that run in trashy, classless, boujie, and tawdry clicks of folks that dislike you for something simple as forgetting their name from a one-time encounter, or because you see their bullshit coming and you go the other way. I'm often guilty of that. Life will teach you how to spot game.

Lastly, this is one type of jackass that makes me become an ax murderer and do it better than Lindsey Borden. The fake flake is the guy that wants to take you through an application process of 20 questions for sex, meet and greet, or an just a damn outing. These guys are very sensitive to the smallest things that they don't like. If the information isn't in the profile that you need to know like HIV status, age, stats, and how far you live, then "just ask." It ain't that serious for a simple blow job, meet and greet, or some damn safe sex. Bring a condom or ask the dude, "Do you have a condom?" That's just two questions asked!

A. Do you practice safe sex?
B. Can I get in that ass or you want to get in my ass?

Fellas, a lot frustration can be canceled by being straight-up and real. I'm just saying.

Male Media Mind