Monday, May 6, 2013

Introducing Dulani Sean Moore: New M3 Contributor

1. What is your full name? Do you have a nickname no one calls you anymore?

Dulani Sean Moore.  I go by “Dee,” “Dulu,” “Rev D,” and the “Drunken Monk.”  I do have one nickname that was given to me by my grandmother that is no longer used.  Thankfully, the question didn’t ask me about revealing it.

2. If given the choice of any person alive or dead with whom would you want over to dinner as a guest? Why?

Only one??? I would want Jesus over for dinner.  Jesus has become an enigma to me.  I want to know who he is and what he really taught, from his mouth and not through the interpretation of countless others.  I have often wished I could travel in time and experience the life and teachings of Jesus first hand.  I think what he was saying is much different than what people believe he said today.

3. Before making an important telephone call do you rehearse what it is you're going to say? What do you think about people who do?

I do this for any important conversation and then I feel silly trying to determine what someone else will say before we get a chance to talk.  I have been learning to just determine what my intentions are for the conversation.  What do ideas do I want to convey and how I want to feel when the conversation is over.  It works for me.

I do think there is a tinge of insanity in someone who rehearses a conversation as if there is a script that all parties will follow.  And there is a tinge of insanity in me.  And I am ok with that.  I am looking for others who share my kind of

4. Explain in as much detail as possible what would constitute a perfect day for you.

A perfect day for me would start out with coffee, a clove cigarette with my partner on the balcony as we think and talk about what our day entails.  After that, I’d take some some time to be thankful for the day and all of the blessings I have in my life.  I would also set the intention for my dominant mood for the day.  I would spend time responding to emails, being interviewed, writing my next book or developing my next seminar, or traveling to speak or making an appearance.  Also I would take time to read and listen to something inspirational, educational and/or entertaining  The evening would be spent having dinner with my spouse and then sitting on the couch with him watching (scripted) reality TV laughing at the mess they are making of their lives while I give my commentary on what they could/should be doing.  Every night would end with the Golden Girls playing on the television as we drift off to sleep.  Did I mention I’d probably have a cocktail in my hand all day???  LOL And in that order!

5. When was the last time you sang to yourself to someone else? Would you ever sing in public in honor of someone you love?

I sing a little to myself everyday.  My partner and I sing to each other randomly as music plays when we are home together.

I have sung in public in honor of someone I loved and I would do it again.  Singing is one of my talents and I enjoy doing it.  Though it’s a fight to get me onstage to sing at karaoke.  LOL

6. If you could live to 100 and retain either your mind or your body at 30 for the rest of your life which would you choose?

If I had to choose one, I would keep my mind at 30.  I believe that the mind is the seat of our power and the bridge that connects our physical experience to our spiritual core.  We experience in life what we expect and our expectations are held in the mind and they can be changed using the mind.  To have dominion of our minds/thoughts/expectations/beliefs is the key to creating the kind of life that brings consistent joy and inexplicable peace.  So I would want to have a sharp mind when I was older, who knows what magic I would be able to create when I get to be 100.

7. Do you have a secret hunch about how you will die? Would you want to know exactly how when and where you will die?

I don’t have a hunch, but I have a desire for how I pass on.  I want to consciously decide when I will leave my body.  I’d like to transfigure and just float off into the heavens.  I’d like to visit other dimensions and travel the intangible side of life and that can only be done with a non-corporeal body.  Of course, if I discover the ability and talent to astral project, I may never die.

8. If you could change anything about the way you were raised what would it be?

This is a double-edged question.  On the one hand, there are things I wish I didn’t experience as a kid - things I wish my parents did/didn’t do.  Like I would want to have had my father as a loving presence in my life, I would want my mother to marry the first man I remember her dating when I was a kid.  These are a couple things that come to mind. But on the other hand, had I not been raised how and by who I was, I wouldn’t be the person I am today.  I like where I am in my life, so I am glad things happened just as they did.

9. If you could wake up tomorrow having gained any one ability or quality what would it be and why?

More confidence.  I am a strong, wise, loving, caring person, but I would do much more if I was more confident.

10. Is there something you have dreamed of doing for a long time? Why haven't you done it?

Writing a book.  I first wanted to write a book in 1991 but I didn’t have the confidence.  Now I also have very publishable ideas.  I just need the confidence (and focus) to work on it each day until I complete something.  Once I get one out, I think the rest will be easier to do.

11. What is your most treasured memory? How would your personality or life change if you discovered that the memory was false?

I have several treasured memories - breakfast at my grandmother’s house, my cousin giving me free ice cream when he worked on the ice cream truck, Sitting on my step-father’s lap at 6 years old steering the car while he worked the pedals, the last time I saw my grandmother alive, meeting my biological brothers and sisters, meeting my current spouse - how could I just pick one?

If I found out any of my memories were false, I don’t know how my life would change.  The belief that I had those experiences made me who I am today.  But just because the memory was false doesn’t mean I am not who I am or that I don’t or can’t have the life that I have.  I’d like to think I’d keep being the person I am and keep pressing on to become the best me I can be.  But who can really know how they would react in the face of something like this.

12.  If you knew that in one year's time you'd die suddenly is there anything in your life you'd change right now?

I’d quit my job and write my book.  Then I would travel the world telling people not to wait until your time runs out.

13. What was the most embarrassing moment in your life? Do you still feel any embarrassment when you think about it?

I’ve blocked those things out of my mind. *LAFF*

14. When was the last time you cried in front of another person? By yourself?

I know it was in March or April of this year.  I didn’t note the exact date.

15. What, if anything, is too serious to joke about? Why? Do people ever think of you as insensitive?

My relationship is probably what I would go HAM on someone if they joked inappropriately about it.  

I have been called insensitive before.  Because when someone comes to me for advice or counsel, I don’t commiserate with them and I have been called insensitive because of this.

16. What is the biggest misconception people have about you? Is there anything you can do to change it?

That I can be judgemental, insensitive and preachy.  I think some may even think of me as a know it all.  Honestly, this couldn’t be further from how I intend to express myself.  But there is nothing I can do about the way I may be perceived.  I can’t change the way you see me through your eyes.  So I’ll just keep being me because I can’t be what others want me to be.

17. When was the last time you were afraid that you were about to die? Did you feel grateful or lucky to be alive afterward?

I’ve never been afraid I was about to die.

18. If you were to die tomorrow is there anything you wish you would have done? Not done?

I would only wish I had written my books.  

19. If you were forced to flee a burning house and you could easily save any item without endangering your life or others, what would you save?

My iPhone, iPad and MacBook Pro - I usually keep them in the same place so if one can be saved, they all can.

20. What do you feel most ashamed about doing in your life? Most proud of?

I am not holding on to the shame of my past anymore.  What’s done is done.  Don’t cry over spilled milk, just clean that shit up.  *laff*  If I was to choose what I was most ashamed of in my life, I would probably list two things, and these once embarrassing things have done the most to shape my life into what it is today.  The first thing would be, being Gay.  I was quite ashamed and embarrassed about this when I first acknowledged it to myself.  I was so ashamed that I cut off nearly all my friends from college when I graduated and kept it as my “dirty little secret.”  Over the years, I not only reconciled this with my relationship with God, I have used it as a platform to reach others who have and are going through the same thing.  The is the perspective through which I will contribute to this blog.

The second thing was when I got a DUI, spent the night in jail, was charged and had eleven months of probation.  This was the culmination of my bad relationship with alcohol.  This situation led me to being a life coach and minister though.  It was something I had to experience to be who I am today.  Since then, my relationship with alcohol has gotten much better.  We enjoy each other now but I am less likely to overindulge.  And that journey has taught me that the 12 Steps need to be revamped for this new age.  As spiritual beings, we are never powerless over anything physical - though we can quite easily give it more power and influence over our lives than it should have.  Most addicts use the substance (drugs, alcohol, even people, FaceBook and Candy Crush) to alleviate pain, fill a perceived void, or otherwise bring something into our lives that we don’t feel we have on our own (like people who say they drink a glass of courage.)

I no longer have to be ashamed of these (or any other) things because they have and continue to teach me so much ***sips cocktail*** LAFF

What I am most proud of in my life is that, through all I have experienced, I have been able to keep my heart open and not give up on love.  To give up on love, in my opinion, is to give up on God because the essence of God is love.  Since I can remember, I’ve wanted to know the Truth about God/Spirit/Christ etc. and by keeping my heart open to physical love, I’ve allowed a deeper revelation of God to appear in my life.

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