Saturday, April 6, 2013

Thoughts of a Nerdy Black Bear

I noticed that I haven't been putting myself or my thoughts on the blog at all, but things are going to change. Our readers want to see more of my personality and once the personality lid  is ripped off it gonna be hard to super glue it back on. There are many sides to James. One side of me is a caring individual that loves to help and has a strong sense of justice. Then there is the artist inside of me, and for you perverts out there I didn't mean it that way. Anyway I love art of all kinds from paintings to metal sculptures. I'm also a smart ass/comedian. I love to laugh and making people smile, but sometimes my mouth can get me into trouble.  I do have a shy side, but once i get to know my surrounding and the people in it my personality comes out to play.

The Bear Was Born

I was born on December 28, 1988 in Phoebe Memorial Hospital in. I wanted to come out three days earlier but was too comfortable in the womb, something I will regret later in life. It was a brisk night when I was born and the moon was full and the wolves where howling for my arrival into the world. When the big time came for my mom to do her thing, she held my father's hand and gave it all she had and after a couple more pushes there I was cute as a button and ready to fucking eat. I was crying of course and the doctor held me up in the air like Simba from the Lion King and then gave me to my mother to hold, but they had to take me away for a full examination and testing which gave my mom a chance to rest and recover. I stayed in the baby room for a couple of days being pricked and poked and looking at total strangers passing by to look at the babies. Finally it was time for me to go back to my mom and dad so we can go home.

Black Bear On The Farm

I was raised in the country, when I say the country I mean the country. Living in the country is where every house was more than a mile away. In the country, we live far apart but they all know your business, where food was made with butter, lard, and sugar, not that gluten and sugar free crap. We all have our daily duties on the farm and mine was to feed the chickens and hogs and gathering the eggs. Even though I was only 6 years old I had to be responsible fast. It was hard living in the country. I was alone a lot and didn't have many cool games or toys to play with. All I really had was my imagination and three TV channels to occupy my day. Around the age of  8 or 9 my family sold the farm and we moved closer to town. Even though we where still in the country, it was great to see more activity around me and it was a new start for me.

The Awkward Years

So many kids had their awkward years early, but unlucky for me my awkward years began in high school where everything is heightend to the 10th power. I was a fat pimple faced gay nerd with a full grown man beard, long hair wearing all black trying to fit into a world of rednecks and wannabe gangstas. But for the first two years of high school I was mostly alone. Sure I had people to talk to, but it was only because we where trapped in a class together listening to a teacher talk about shit we didn't care about. When class was over the conversation stopped and we go our separate ways. I was never too sad about being alone because I was used to it and I had my imagination to keep me company.

Everything changed in the 11th grade when I found art class. I have been drawing for years, but I never took and actual art class. It was an amazing experience to learn new skills and techniques. The class gave me a purpose while I was in school. It also gave me a chance to make some friends with the same interests and views on life. When I finally reached the last year of high school I was more open to people on how I felt and didn't care who did or did not like me. When I realized I could do that, it was freeing moment for me. High school was a long journey for me and even today people ask would you go back to high school to relive my experience. HELL NO! I wouldn't even go back for a day. I cant even drive by my high school with out flashbacks. but high school did teach me about life and goals.

Black Nerdy Bear Today:

I'm working on my goals and starting a new adventure with a special person in my life. I want what everyone wants out of life, The American dream. I'm not fully there yet but wait an see. you will see me somewhere doing my thing and doing it well, so stay tuned for more post about this Black Nerdy Bear.

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