Wednesday, April 10, 2013

The Family That Kills Together Does Time Together

There are very few instances where something can totally render me speechless. This is one of those rare occasions. All I can do look at the picture and say WOW! Well, that's the first words after the silence. Then the classic "you got to be freaking kidding me," (freaking not being the word of choice, but I will treat this like prime time television for the kiddies) is blurted out.

Just another Murder?

When I first heard of this story I was in total disbelief. The first account was that William Strickland was killed only steps away from his house as he was catching a ride to Dialyses treatment.  His daughter was on television telling the perpetrator(s) that karma would hand them a good dose of reaping what one has sewn and they need to turn themselves in. Unbeknownst to her and the rest of the public, the very perpetrator that she was evoking the wrath of the heavens upon turned out to be her very own 19 year old son.

Yet another irony

The son is named, wait for it, William Strickland. The junior Strickland was living with this namesake at the time of the murder and apparently robbed the dying man of his wallet after shooting him the back six times and went on a hood rich shopping spree. Evidently the grandfather's life was only worth a cell phone, shoes, and few new tattoos. So of course all I could say then was, "really?" Then of course I thought it was about time someone should tune up Ol Sparky. Do they even fry people in the electric chairs in Illinois? Or was Chicago a hanging kind of town? I can't recall, but whichever method they used I thought they should revive it and give him a double dose.

All in the family

Just when I thought nothing else could come out of this story, it seems like some kind of weird, ghetto soap opera kind of a twist came out of nowhere. Not only did the junior Strickland murder his grandfather, but he was PAID to do it. And who would pay this lad to do such a dastardly deed? Ok, you have to wait a few dramatic seconds for this one. The person who paid him to rub out his grandfather was none other than his very own, not so sweet, grandmother Janet Strickland, Miss Strickland if you're nasty. Apparently she is plenty nasty because after she watched, yes I said SHE WATCHED, her grandson use her husband for a lead pincushion, she grabbed a casino bag full of money and went on a shopping spree with the young assailant. Ok, let's say it all together now.

What is the deal with Chicago?

Is there something in the water that's making everyone murder happy? It seems these two could care less about the soaring crime rate that has gripped the city in the past year or so. What's one more murder to the long list of fatal shooting? Last year it was reported there were over 500 murders in the greater Chicago area alone. I guess these two wanted to be a part of the historic crime wave. Does that level of violence start to numb your moral sense? As bad as the gang related violence is, this is something completely different. An intimate sort of violence that crosses generational gaps. It's downright lowdown.

What is in their future?

The police promptly arrested Bonnie after her grandson Clyde was tossed in jail with no hope of bail. Mrs. Strickland's bond however was set at $500,000. Mrs. Strickland did not go straight to jail however. If you notice the deadly granny is strapped down with an oxygen mask. She was taken to the hospital to be treated for chronic illnesses including hypertension and lung disease. I guess she figured she had nothing to lose in killing her husband since she may be on the way out herself. But why involve the 19 year old? I guess she could care less about his life. He's likely to spend the rest of it in prison. If he's willing to kill his grandfather so nonchalantly and go shopping as if nothing happened, I suppose it's safe to say he very well could have robbed and killed at any point in his life with the right amount (or no amount) of motivation.

It makes you wonder just what went on in that house that fostered such an atmosphere disrespect for human life.  Maybe they didn't have a reason other than money. Maybe some people just simply do not care. At any rate, the granny should suffer the same fate as the grandson. The real losers in this story are the other family members, especially the younger William Strickland's mother, who not only lost a son, but both her parents to this crazy crime.

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