Monday, April 1, 2013

Perfection: What's Wrong With Just Being Human?

We exist, therefore we're flawed.

Why do we expect people to be perfect? After we have that irrational expectation our logical mind corrects us, but from the start we're disappointed when we learn that someone or something we love is flawed. Why is that? I was just reading a New York Times article about the expansion of the universe. The Big Bang is the theory that the universe started off very small and expanded very rapidly in it's infancy and is still expanding to this day. The article caught my eye because new data from telescopes in Europe confirm that The Universe isn't uniform. In fact it's quite "lumpy" and expands in some areas more than others. What scientists thought might have been a miscalculation or instrument error, is now being confirmed as the way of existence. Imperfection is at the core of the very reason we're here. The theory goes that if The Universe were perfect than the four fundamental forces would have been in balance. Rapid expansion occurred because of the imperfections and inconsistencies of matter and energy.

There was a time when we believed that the earth was at the center of the universe. In that model, everything was perfect. Everything orbited in perfect uniform circles. The problem with this model was that it wasn't true. Even after The Sun was placed at the center of the solar system we clung to the idea that the orbits would be perfectly circular. This was also wrong. The more we observe the nature of existence the more we see how imbalance and imperfection should be embraced. If it were perfect there would have been no Big Bang and the need for matter and energy would not exist. It's the imbalance that brought the universe into existence. Why should we be surprised when a friend falls short of our expectations? Why do we expect perfection when we logically know that it's impossible?

Editing The Male Media Mind has been a lot of work, but it's also been a great privilege. I struggle most days to find content to publish, and somedays it's overflowing and I can't handle all the workload. I've had to teach myself how to produce videos, subscribe to RSS feeds, edit HTML code, and a hundred other little things that still sometimes confuse me. I'm not the greatest tech guru I sometime apear to be. I'm just a nerdy bear who likes to tinker and figure things out. I struggle with technology, but when it works man I love it. Educating myself has taken a great deal of time and energy, but I've come to realize that I can't do this all by myself. Luckily I don't have to. What's been at the core of this blog from the get go was cooperation and synergy. Together, each contributor will inspire and create more content than each of us could have ever done alone. As we grow as a blog I see it getting better everyday.

Still we are not perfect. This past week we had the first instance where we've had to pull a post completely. It bothered me how it went down. It was not completely unwarrented, but I imagined our readers to be perfect in a way I should not have expected. Right now it's not something I'm able go into, but I hope one day to be able to explain what happened. Still, it was another lesson learned as I've learned from so many mistakes. What was not a mistake was my support of my contributors. I've gotten to meet many great friends by starting this blog with James. Through interviews and personal interactions, I've been laughing, crying, and getting put in my place by some of the best people I've gotten to meet and have had the privilege of working with. Make no mistake, all the bears who contribute to this blog are my friends. All of them are hot, smart, compassionate, talented people who teach me to be humble and inspire me to do more and to promote their work. Even with that said, no one is perfect. Nor should we be.

Let's move past this. There's plenty to look forward to from The Male Media Mind. The main thing is a new look for the blog brought to us by Breeze Vincinz. I'm sure you've noticed the new logo and banners that have already been implemented  This is all breeze's work and we hope to transform the look and feel of the blog to better reflect the high quality of the content. This multi-talented bear blew me away with what he's brewing up. We've talked about what we want the site to be, but this is mostly his creation. He's taken our philosophy and given it substance. He really is going to take M3 to a whole new level of professionalism. We've always had good writing and media, but the way it's presented often dictates how it will be received. I'm just grateful that he is doing this for us. It's clear that his creative powers are strong and I can't wait till we can fully implement his vision for M3.  I'm expecting great things out of our contributors, but still we're still only human. Our imperfections are not a flaw, it's why we're here. I'm proud to be a part of bringing together such a broad range of black bear perspectives.

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