Saturday, April 13, 2013

First Night as a Free Man: A Tale of Sex and Debouchery

The title may be a bit misleading. You bitches are thinking, "Hey, I thought you wasn't single?", well chulos... I was newly single, back in November of 2007. I have since met my partner and we've been together now for more than four years. Back then I had someone in mind to replace my ex-husband, a goal to focus on. That goal was someone with whom I hoped sex would have meaning. So I held off on going home with anyone since I arrived in Worcester, MA in January 2008. I had been holding off on doing anything for an entire month in hopes of getting him. Yes, I wanted sex with meaning, but at that point I just wanted to get laid. I couldn't take it anymore. I needed human contact. Hence this is the story of my first night completely free of any ties.

I called Jaeryd, my best friend, because I was not only going stir crazy I was hungry. Eating every other day is so bad for me and my work out. But hey it was lean times. So we go out to this great place where I had a steak burger. Fantastic when cooked medium rare, despite the waitress saying they won't do it. Thanks babe. It was awesome. Jaeryd slipped me a twenty, which I was soooo grateful for as I was a broke bitch, and I payed with my card.

Then we went to his place where I discovered Project Runaway. Just let me say this. Why is the cute one always straight? And why is watching Heidi Klum like watching the first A.I. develop? So damn robotic. The accent is cute though. I watched about four episodes, though it felt like five... because Jaeryd recorded the episodes to DVD. Well I can't wait to watch the other discs.

That night after being at Jaeryd's for like four hours I decided to go to Blu, the club where I worked at as a bouncer. They were having a Hawaiian party and so few people actually showed up. Most of those who did show were under the legal age to drink, which means they were too young for me to do anything with anyway. So with a few beers in my belly and my hard cock in hand I decided that I was going to end this voluntary drought. I had so many fucking options. It was intense. To these kids I expected to be considered old, they were 20 don't worry not really kids just an expression. Well as it turns out it seemed that as the new bear in town they all wanted a piece. I decided, nuh uh youngens, this dick is reserved for someone with at least a few years of adult dick riding experience.

Then fate stepped in. There was an influx of 25+ guys. Not all were thin twinkish types! YAY! Even Christiano (one of Jaeryd's friends) showed up all by his lonesome. To my surprise he even showed an interest in me. How odd. I knew I thought that of the few Brazilians Jaeryd introduced me to, Christiano was the closest to even being my type. I thought for a second, "isn't this wrong? Shouldn't I not fuck one of my friends friends into oblivion?" So we flirted, we danced, and of course I got hard as a rock. But wait chulos, it gets better. He made a big mistake. He grabbed my ass. Those of you who know me know the sign on my ass says 'Exit Only'. But I didn't hold it against him. He pulled me closer and I thought, well he is nice enough and he's not a total stranger. This wouldn't be that slutty if I fucked him. Would it? Then fate threw me a curve ball.

This young, twenty-five year old latin boy walks his ass into the fucking club. Now at this point, aside from my hard-on, Christiano had no sign of anything other than friendship. Then I thought well the twenty-five year old latin boy wouldn't be interested in a bear like me. Not that he was skinny, but just he didn't strike me as the type who would be interested in a guy like me. I also began to come to my senses as the blood traveled back to my brain. I can't fuck Christiano. That would just be bad on so many levels. So I decided against it.

Then Adam, not my co-worker but this small (and I mean small) black guy came with a straight friend
from work. LOL. He insisted that I come and dance. So of course feeling self defeated I decided to go an dance. Dancing does something to me. Even if I am just standing at the rail doing my slutty roll, it just makes me feel better. Lost in the rhythm I become sensuous, seductive, graceful and sexy. So as I lose myself I notice the twenty-five year old latin boy across the room watching me. All I could see was him rolling his ass around and doing a damn good job at it. I was getting stiff just watching him. He would peer over his shoulder at me. So much so that I had to figure out if it was really me he was looking at or someone behind me. Well the only thing behind me was the wall. So yeah.. he was looking at me.

I then notice he said something to Christiano and even looked like Christiano a little bit. I could then see they were not speaking English. OMG... I am being hit on by a hot ass dancing Brazilian. I notice he then looks over to me, then they both look. The twenty-five year old Brazilian dancer walks over, gets in close then asks if he can kiss me. I nodded my head and the boy went for it. I love kissing, I know for a fact that I'm a damn good kisser, and this kid did it like a pro. All this did was get me horny in the most primal of ways.

Keep in mind I am horny as fuck. Then he grabs my cock and says, "I have been watching you since you came here two weeks ago. I hope you are a top because I have a feeling I would WANT to be with you tonight. Yer a very handsome, cute guy. I loved the full beard but this is much cuter" I had shaved my face. Styled dat shit!. He said, "I bet it would feel good on my chest." I shit you not the boy was bold. He asked me if I lived close. I did. He asked if he could give me a ride home. I said yes. At this point I'm freaking. So I run to the mens room, grab a couple of packs of condoms and then sprint to the front so I could tell Danielle that I would not be needing a ride home.

We walk to his car. The entire time I can't keep my eyes off his ass. In the car we make small talk. Turns out he is also from New York City. Wow, a frame of reference. We swap maybe two fast stories of what we miss and what we don't miss about New York and the subject quickly jumps to my cock. He asks how big it is because he felt it while kissing me and he wondered if he could even take it all. I then said to him, (I don't mind you bitches knowing these details.) "Don't worry it's only 8.5 inches... 9 if you give good head." (Yes bitches I said it.) I know I am such a whore. He looks at me as if I just said he won a million fucking dollars. Then a very loud "ONLY!" spurts from his mouth. I told him he will be fine and put his hand right where I knew he wanted it to be.

All of this happens on the very short ride from Blu to my place. I thank God my roommates were cool with my being gay, single and wanting to get laid. I just have to not wake them up. This guy is quiet as a mouse. Turns out he went to Juilliard for dancing. OMG.. I landed a fucking dancer. We get to my room and I turn on iTunes to play something appropriate. A little Massive Attack, some Bjork and finish with the Nine Inch Nails concept album. Dramatic and sets a good pace. Trust me. So I turn around and he is already naked in my bed with a fat, hard dick in his hand and he is hard for me. I felt like a hot guy for the first time in a very long time. I mean he was twenty-five years old I never expect guys younger than me or even my age to be into someone like me. But sure enough there he was. Not even a little drunk, and he was that fuckin horned up, just for me. I felt incredible. I felt like a fucking stud!

I quickly shed my clothes, even took off my t-shirt. I had not been comfortable enough with my body to be seen totally nude in ten years. Thats right, I did something I could never do for my ex-husband I did for this kid. I was completely nude and he looked ravenous. Like I was a prize. I gave him my steely, 'I am gonna make you hollar' look and it just made him squirm in anticipation. I didn't know I could still do that to a man. I come to the side of the bed and he leans his head over the edge. The moment I was close enough he grabbed my member and began sucking and licking it like it contained the cure to cancer. Man, that rolling of the tongue thing he did while speaking Portuguese, he can not only do while kissing but he can also do it while blowing me too. He even gagged a little as he attempted the full length. This is better than a Danielle Steele novel.

He gets me going something insane and I could feel my body kicking into high gear. Then I felt

something I have never felt before. I felt very aggressive, but by my own accord not as a command. I like being told what to do, but as if I was just so damn wound up. I knew I was going to try and break this boy. So while he is blowing me I bend forward and began to inhale his thick uncut hog. This only made him more crazy. I almost came. I did learn a trick or two in those ten years, I learned how to do tantric, cum without cumming. So that was my first blown load that I didn't shoot. I can only do it once in a session, but it makes it last a long fuckin time.

He then takes me out of his mouth and says the best possible thing he could have said to me, "I wanna ride you!". Yes bitches, he said it. Well I take forever to cum when being ridden which is why I like it. This boy gets on, slides down slowly, and I can see it hurts. He doesn't care. He is determined to take me, all of me. My heart rate was through the roof. I can feel a thousand negative emotions just drip off of me as I start to sweat. I feel alive. I'm fucking alive! He finally settles on my cock and the look on his face is one of pure ecstacy. I then tighten my perenium making my dick swell. Did he feel it? I do it again, harder this time, yeah he feels it. I hit cloud nine just knowing I am rocking this kid's ass and he is loving it.

I then begin to pound from beneath, slowly for about a minute. Following the rythm of the music I give him the first level of the Bull Machine. Then the song changes and that is my cue. I go from slow immediately to a fast hard pump. Yeah, this kid is diggin it. We do this through out the entire Massive Attack album. The kid almost cums twice. I had to stop for a minute or two. He of of course did not get off. Then as the Nine Inch Nails album starts he begins to pound himself on me, damn I feel great. He feels great.

Then he says, "Doggies pai." and gets off and bends over. His sweat mixed with mine creates a funk in the room that is electric! This only makes me that much harder, that much more aggressive. I know I need to get off before we break this bed. He hit his head against the metal headbored a few times as I pound, ground, and drove in as deep as I could. I tell him I am about to cum as I feverishly pound this poor young guy. He almost cums instantly upon my saying it and lets out a hushed yet quite audible scream. I pound for another minute and unload into the condom. A few spasms later and we are laying there in the bed panting.

He tells me he had fun. Gets up. Gets dressed and says he has to drive home, but offers to sleep here. I tell him I don't want to freak my roommate out early in the morning when some stranger is exiting the bathroom. He understands and gets dressed. All the while staring at me. I think he likes me a little more than I intended. The fucked up part is that he does go to the club and, well, I work there. Still, I don't feel empty, lonely. or wrong. I feel... I feel absolutely fabulous! I can't believe I made that kid cum so hard. I can't believe I just slept with someone who is a dancer by training. Flexible. Good hip movement. I feel like a fucking stud. Now to hope that when he tells the same story, it's close to my version.

Wow... just wow. I had a successful night out as me... not as who I pretended to be. Confidence... check!

Hope you enjoyed my retelling of my first night as a free man. So glad it happened... I can't make this shit up.

Later Chulos!