Monday, April 15, 2013

Finding Balance and Self Reliance

Funny how everyone around me gets what they want. I seem to never get what I want, even when it is so simple, easy to find, and barely cost anything to get or give. I understand that I'm not alone and there are lots of people like me out there who grant wishes and bend over backwards for the people in our lives. People who have generous people in their lives often take that generosity for granted. This is usually because the people in their lives that are generous don't ask for more from the people in their lives. Never just accept what the people around you or in your life will give you. Lovers, friends, and family members will treat you the way you expect to be treated. If you demand more you get more.

There is a certain amount of luck in meeting the right people in your life. Sometimes when you demand more from the people around you you will end up alone. For this reason, don't ask from people what you can't find in yourself. This will not only make you a less demanding person, but you'll learn to be more generous.  Still even after finding that balance in what you're willing to give and what you expect from others, sometimes the people in your life still won't give you the things you need. You have to find the strength inside yourself and have faith in yourself.

Lovers come together to be there for each other, but in some relationships one of the lovers does less or more than the other. This is quite normal. Life has a way of fluctuating where one person will have more and the other less. The key is in trusting in that other person has your back and will provide for you when that inevitable shift occurs. There is a compromise, some kind of agreement either verbally or subconsciously, that things will not always be this way, that eventually balance will be restored. There is always a lack of something being missed by one from the other., and it's tolerated because they know it will end eventually.

Friends are not left out from this scenario. No matter how many you may have or what order or subculture you have they are not going to function the same. They are not going to act the same. Some may call less or more than others. Some may be more or less trustworthy than others. But what a person of any of these scenarios should understand is this., do not expect the things that you cannot find in yourself. You can't lie to yourself, you can't hurt yourself, you can't let yourself down, you can't deny yourself what you ask from yourself without your own complicity. It is the best kind of security knowing you can count on yourself.

Parents with young children want to give them what they never had, but how would their children know what they're missing if they never had to go without? Odd philosophy wouldn't you say? That in trying to give them everything they take away from them the ability to take care of themselves? Isn't that the greatest gift you can give someone? No one deserves to be treated like shit, but when it comes down to it sometimes the people who treat you like shit end up doing you the greatest of favors, they make you self reliant.

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