Wednesday, April 17, 2013

Don't Stoop to Their Level

When I first overheard someone use the phrase no homo I giggled like a ten year old boy hearing a Richard Pryor joke for the first time. I began to think, as I tend to do, of the larger implications, not just what the statement literally means, "please excuse me for any action or statement my intended audience my perceive as gay", but also that there's actually something seriously wrong with liking guys. So you want to preemptively squish any idea or indication that you might be part of a lower class of human being? Dude that's gay.

We spent incredible amounts of time and money telling people it's ok to be you with the "It Gets Better" and "Stop Bulling" campaigns, but we ignore this obvious subversion of that message? As we all know, children generally learn from their parents or caretakers what is acceptable behavior. so with all these wonderful self esteem boosters, how can these messages get lost on not just kids but also on their parents? Still as with other forms of bullying, the larger society places the stage, but the players are often members of the bullied group itself. Without knowing it, the internalized messages of hate are taken to heart and members of the group lash out at each other.

Since becoming a contributor to M3 I've been receiving messages about how to deal with cyber bullies. If you're not fully aware let me tell you about there packs of gay black men that run around hating and putting down everyone and everything they come into contact with. On Facebook ,Twitter and other forms of social media, these packs put out slurs and out right attacks on other gay men. They seem to be happening more and more often and with their intended victims being both adults as well as young folks. From what I've seen these social media terrorist work to have their victims unfriended, uninvited, and out right blackballed. It's like the movie Mean Girls and for whatever reason the queen bee decides who she hates and the weaker girls fall in line with her plot. We all would like to think that there's no way dudes behave this way. If you're among these people then congrats, you've been lucky to be unaffected. Being a contributor to M3 has allowed me to come in contact with a good number of you and I hear you wen you tell me how bad these situations have been getting lately.

First remember when dealing with people like this we are all human. There is some reason why this is happening. So if you can identify the bad actor go to him, usually its just one huge misunderstanding. Now if you do not know who he is block him and contact the site administrator and let them take care of him. And of coarse if this escalates into real time please do not do anything that can cause injury or jail time. My mother used to say, "people talked about Jesus what makes you different?" Honestly I've always thought they're bitter no-life jealous haters and I always thank them for caring so much for talking about me. In other words, Fuck 'Em. In a community so vast, with people from all backgrounds and walks of life, you'll meet some good and some bad. And in the words of the late Rodney King, can't we all just get along? If we could just respect each other a little we could all swallow this life a lot easier... no homo.

Male Media Mind