Wednesday, April 24, 2013

DL Men Give Great Head

There are some of us that have the ability to get straight men to jump the fence to play around for a little while and go back to being straight. I am guilty of this. I have pulled a few straight dudes. I'm going to talk about one.

The first one was a friend from grade school. We had been best friends since fourth grade. When we started going though puberty around the sixth grade, he would call me everyday after school and he'd talk to me as he masturbated. Guess you can say it was my first phone bone. It was never physical between us, but later on as we became grown men, we eventually went further.

One night, we were bagging up an ounce of mid-grade when I decided to come out to him. At that time, we hadn't seen each other in a few years so my feelings for him overrode my fears. I just laid it out there that I like dudes. So he replies that he has something he wants to share with me. Apparently, he had a fun time with some drag queens. Some ratchet-ass drag queens at that. I knew these creatures, known for riding around looking to play with random guys on the street. As we finished up bagging the grass, we sparked up a blunt and talked some more. After all that conversation, I could tell my boi was rock hard. So I asked him what he feeling like. So he started undressing and getting down to his boxers and I did also. He was a lean, muscular short dude. Not really my type, but since I use to sleep with his picture by my bed at night all throughout grade school, I I figured what the hell.

Straight guys suck dick a little better than gay guys. He saw my dick and he said that it was big. In actuality, we both had the same girth and length, eight and a half and straight and thick with big, dark dangling balls. I was thinking to myself that this can't be happening, but I was going to live out my sixth grade fantasy. He had the tightest lil' cute cookies. I wanted to lick them but I knew he wouldn't let me. I leaned over to kiss him, but he kept his lips together, then he said, "Naw homie. I don't kiss." Hmmmm. Had he been with more than one guy before being with those ratchet-ass trannies?

To make it fair, we did a sideways 69. Damn, this nigga sucked my dick so good. So good, in fact, it was hard for me to concentrate on sucking his dick. This 69 felt like a tug of war between us. He blew on me like he was in love. I guess somewhere inside, he really did love me since we'd known each other so long. I could feel myself getting close to a nut, he was also as he would stop to say "shit nigga damn" and he would lie there resting on his elbows, looking back at me with that thug smile to show his gold fronts.

"Let's bust man," I said as I began stroking myself. He looked so sexy with his lean muscles and smooth skin. He began stoking faster and I couldn't help but watch him as I stroked my own wood. He made a slow groan before saying, "Here I cum, bruh." His load squirted out in three thick heavy squirts. It was so creamy that I grabbed some of it and stroked myself to completion with it. Damn it was so good I shot myself in the face! He looked at me, amazed, and said, "Damn man, you really enjoyed that. We gone have to get up again man."

We carried on with this DL thing for a little while. But it had to end it because of his paranoid schizophrenic girlfriend. She was thinking I was trying to take him from her. In fact, I just wanted to hang out with my best friend, not take him away from her or have some type of relationship with him. I missed being around him after that. Sometimes, I find myself thinking about him and hoping that he is doing okay. Maybe one day I'll visit Albany or I'll see him around. But most likely I won't cause DL men never change no matter what time does to a person.

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