Friday, April 26, 2013

Along Came a Ginger Bear

Yes bitches... I was a slut. Well if it is any consolation I didn't pick this one up at the club. I was out one morning buying a meat pie and noticed this cute bear looking at me, but not looking. Curiously, we'd end up in the same isle as I was trying to find the drinks and such. Apparently, he was in Worcester for the weekend, saw me the night before at Blu, thought I was hot and that it was rather bizarre seeing me in public. He lived in CT, his name is Johnathan and he was 42, cute as hell and a bear. Not too big, not too small, taller than me and a seemingly genuine 'nice guy'. He had to be about 6'3" and 250lbs which is not huge at that height. He had red hair, blue eyes and was covered in thick, red fur. I had never been with a ginger-bear before.

So we sat down, ate food and talked. The conversation was great. He was funny, I was funny and we had a damn good convo. Then, in the middle of the conversation, I noticed he was just looking at me with a smile. I stopped with my verbal diarrhea and returned the look. He then says, "You are a very sexy guy!", though he guessed my age at 35, and was shocked when I told him I was only 28 (at the time) and must be a baby to him. We talked some more and then numbers were exchanged. I told him my ex was 41, so 42 does not bother me but that I was looking to date guys within the age range of 28 - 36. He looked disappointed... at which time I then looked him in the eyes and said...that doesn't mean we couldn't be friends or other things.

He knew exactly what I meant. I asked him if he wanted to finish his coffee at my place. You know he agreed. So we went back to my place, sat at the table in the kitchen and continued our conversation. He then reached over and stroked my hand. Gently. I was a sucker for a gentle bear. I leaned across the table and kissed him. Spur of the moment impulse and it worked. Next thing I knew we were making out with the table between us. I then get 'that urge'. So I let go, walked around to the other side of the table, grabbed him by the back of his head and forced our mouths together. It hurt for sure, but oh so nicely. The air in the room was magic and the fire in my groin longed for release. He then grabbed my cock through my tight jeans and I knew what he wanted. Which was just fine because I wanted it, too.

I circled behind him and lead him to my room using the hard cock pressing against my jeans as a guide. We made it into my room and the clothes flew off. While I was standing there, he takes my cannon to the balls into his warm, wet and soft mouth. This fucker was hot and all I could do was surrender to him. He pushed me onto my bed and continued his oral assault on my crotch. This guy sucked dick like an experienced man ought to. I could tell he was hot for me and I was just as hot for him. The swelling of my dick was evidence enough of it.

Then he did the very thing I love. He straddled me. He leaned in to kiss me and I pulled him down. Deep, hard, long kissing. His lips were fantastic and his tongue was talented. I reached over to the stool on the side of my bed, grabbed a condom and some lube then handed them to him. He put the condom on me, lube it up nicely and slid me into his ass. Tight and warm... he said he hadn't been fucked in a long time so we have to take it slow. I told him to take it as slow as he needs. Well that lasted for all of 2 minutes. Next thing I know he grabbed my headboard and started to gyrate up and down on my cock. He felt amazing and smelled the way I expected a man to smell. The taste of his sweat and the feeling of his furry chest against me sent me into outer space.

He pumps, sweats, growls and howls. Then he cums. Wow... I love it when a bottom cums while I am inside of them. But he didn't stop. He knew I didn't cum and he was aching for more. So he continued to ride and stay hard... all for me. I leaned forward and swallowed his cock while he is still riding. I used to be quite flexible for a top. He shivered and the next thing I knew he came again... this time he squeezes his ass hole hard enough to damn near snap my cock in half. This time I cum... and hard. I could feel him shivering from the inside.

After we had cleaned up we laid there naked and talking. It was amazing actually. The depth and level on which we were able to talk about anything. We had the simple conversations about Project Runway and we had deeper conversations about people and their modes of being. I had a great time with a great guy. Such is the life of a single, very horny, gay man. I enjoyed myself to a high degree. Til my next slutty story, chulos... sleep well. ;-)

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