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The Flash: Live Action Movie

It was a shocking to find out that they're considering making a live action flash movie. it's a great change of pace from the other series of super hero movies. Superman, Batman, X-men, and even The Avengers seem to have been done a few too many times. Flash has been on top of comic book favorites list for years, and to make fanboy happy would be to do The Flash justice in a live action movie. DC has chosen a great director a 3 time Grammy nominee  to take on the challenge. Greg Berlanti is one of the top director's in the industry. His talent was demonstrated in Green Latern, Wrath Of The Titans, Everwood, and The TV series Arrow. The release date of the movie is in 2014

 IMDB The Flash Bio: While working in his lab during a storm one night, a bolt of lightning strikes a tray of chemicals soaking police scientist Barry Allen with its contents. Now able to move at super-speed, Barry becomes The Flash protecting Central City from the threats it faces. Written by Rob London
Flash History Provided By: Comic Vine

Barry and WallyCreated in January 1940, Jay Garrick was the product of a collaboration between Gardner Fox and Harry Lampert. His first appearance actually came in his own book, Flash Comics.

Barry was created in October of 1956 by Robert Kanigher and John Broome in Showcase issue number 4. Carmine Infantino provided the pencils for this first appearance with Joe Kubert on ink duties. The creation of Barry Allen brought about the Silver Age of comics, turning superheroes from stale to fresh and changing the market forever.

Barry and Wally
Wally was created in 1959 by John Broome and Carmine Infantino, Kid Flash was part of DC's attempts to bring in younger readers. Much like Robin had done for Batman, DC hoped Kid Flash would make kids more interested in buying the Flash title. The move was a great success and Wally would continue to appear regularly in DC Comics to this day.

Bart first appeared in full in Flash volume 2 issue 92 in July of 1994, having previously appeared briefly at the end of issue 91. He was created by writer Mark Waid and artist Mike Wieringo.

 Jay Garrick

 The first Flash is Jay Garrick, a hero of the Gold Age who gained his super-speed from prolonged exposure to radioactive "hard water" as a student in college. Known for his astonishingly slow speed on the football field, Garrick was working in an on-campus research lab to separate the components of "hard water" when he bumped into the table. As the chemicals crashed to the floor, Garrick scurried to try to clean the mess but the fumes were so powerful that he fell unconscious in the process. Upon discovering his body, Garrick's professor rushed him to the hospital where he spent weeks between life and death. Eventually though, Garrick woke up and realized that his body, mind, mouth, and everything about him could suddenly move at the speed of light! After some football hi-jinks, Garrick found his true calling and used his powers to fight crime in his hometown of Keystone City


Barry Allen

As a kid, Barry had a love of superheroes with his favorite being Jay Garrick, The Flash. While working late one night at the Police lab, a bolt of lightning came through the open window; striking a chemical rack nearby. The chemicals exploded, splashing Barry.When he stood he found himself unharmed but incorrectly found that time had slowed down when in reality he was moving at super speed. Inspired by Jay Garrick, he decided to use his new found powers for good; becoming The Flash in honor of Jay Garrick.

Wally West

While with his uncle Barry Allen in his "office" a bolt of lightning came through the window much like the on the night Barry received his powers. He became the Kid-Flash, sidekick to Barry Allen AKA The Flash. After the death of his uncle Barry in Crisis on Infinite Earths, Wally stepped up and took on the mantle becoming the third Flash.

Jesse Chambers

Jesse Chambers was the daughter of Johnny Quick and Liberty Belle, unlike the other Flashes she had her powers from birth and learned to access the speed force by using her father;s spirit. She called herself Jesse quick and became a member of the Justice Society of America, she later became The Flash and currently operating under the name Liberty Belle.

Bart Allen

Bart Allen was a descendant of Barry Allen from the 31st century, as with Jesse he was born with his powers suffered from a hyper-metabolism and aged at an alarming rate. Along with his grandmother, Iris West he traveled to the past and met with Barry who stabilized Bart's metabolism and stop his aging at 14 years old.

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