Wednesday, March 27, 2013

Sweet Spot: A Vision of Lasting Love

I saw my reflection today. The man I saw looked a lot older than the man with the infectious smile I remember. The lines in his face got deeper with each passing year. His boyish good looks are giving way to his father's face. I look around the room. It seems nothing ever changes here. No new furniture to be found, same drapes, same dirty egg shell painted walls. Amazingly enough I pass the same pictures and little what nots and hardly think about the many memories captured in them. So familiar a sight they've become background noise. This home was once filled with hope and laughter from a festive New Year to a Merry Christmas. Now it seems to be replaced with stillness, but thank God no regrets.

I walked into our kitchen to grab my old coffee cup, full of cracks and faded patches from constant washings, and pour a cup of coffee. I put up such a fight about the color of these kitchen walls and now I can't even remember the name of the color I hate so much. Coffee in hand, I look at the clock and its almost time for him to come home. I've looked forward to that same time for the last twenty plus years. I head to the porch to brave the ever humid Virginia heat. I remember in our younger years there were serval cities called home, but at last we settled on a large plantation style home in the south of the state, an unlikely place for two black confirmed bachelors.

As I rock back and forth in the swing on the porch, sweat collects at the base of my neck. The all to familiar sound of that old truck being beaten by rocks from the long drive way is ringing in the distance. The truck draws closer. I can hardly contain my excitement. There he is. The man who has defined most for most of my life. He walks up those old dusty stairs, skipping the step that's missing. I embrace him all my strength. He holds me for a moment in his powerful arms and we sit on the porch for God knows how long discussing the issues of the day. As we both head into our home we built from the ground up with love, sweat, and tears I stop and think I wouldn't change a thing this is truly my sweet spot to love and to be loved without issue or exception.

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