Monday, March 25, 2013

Seeing Your Life in Pi

I finally watched the move Life of Pi. First I have to say, I had NO idea that this movie would be so freaking good. Not only that, I had no idea that it would have such a GREAT message. Not only that! I had no idea that I could watch a movie as of late that would actually make me wish I had of read the book first. And, NOT ONLY THAT! This is the first movie in ages that has me actually stalking Amazon to buy the book...unless some magnanimous soul should so happen to send me either an audio book of it or better yet a file that of it that is compatible with my Kindle. An Amazon gift card perhaps? I digress.


Life of Pi: Full Movie

I'm watching this movie and it echos a message that has been a common theme within my own life, especially this past year and a half. Since I was laid off, I have begun the journey of building something for myself. I founded my own business and in the process have discovered a passion that I never thought I would have. Turns out my love affair with the camera has evolved to include photography as well as video.  I have to say it's a wonderful ménage á trois. Add a certain preoccupation with Photoshop and it's an orgy. Life is good.

Pi, the film's protagonist, finds himself in a very little boat with a very big tiger and must find a way to coexist with said tiger and survive somehow. In doing so, on several occasions he has had to learn compassion. In my journey, I often have to remember compassion. When your reserves have dwindled one would often being to think of "me" more and others less. I have to admit I had to harden my heart a little more than usual and it does not feel too good, but unfortunately self preservation is a beast within itself. In saying that, I have to stop at times and remind myself that it can't always be about me, even if the chips are lower in the present than in previous years. Now is not the time to discard my compassionate self but to vigorously embrace it.

Pi's greatest lesson in the movie is Faith. As a young boy he managed to find Faith in three different religions dominating his society in India. He managed to find God in Hindu, Christianity, and Islam. Through his ordeal at sea, he managed to find faith in himself and in the least likely of places, in the embodiment of his adversary Richard Parker the tiger. I've found a new found faith in myself and a renewed Faith in God. Building a business is scary.  Building a business without the benefit of a job to fall back on is terrifying. Going after your dreams with at times less than 100% support from those closest to you can leave you feeling alone. The thing is, you are not alone in your venture. You always have the blessings of the Universe when you are doing positive things. If you have no one else to cheer for you, well, you have just that, yourself. The one thing that will carry you through is faith in yourself and Faith in the fact that a force of Destiny, whatever you define it as  or name it, is behind you guiding your steps towards your goal.

In a movie, on a rainy Saturday night, common themes within my life were reinforced by an expectantly good movie. It came at a great time because I must admit, I was hitting somewhat of a low point this weekend about the direction my life has taken. It's nice to know there are mediums out there that will not only enthrall and entertain, but will also lift you up when you need it the most.

Sidenote:  Although I've found a fulfilling passion with video and photography, my writing sensei Author Corey Scales can breathe and stop clutching his pearls. He can rest easy in knowing that I am still his padawan in terms of movies and writing. Writing will always be my first love.

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