Tuesday, March 5, 2013

Save Something for Yourself

There is a saying that what you put out into the world comes back to you. But what happens when your in love with someone and you put out faith, love, honesty, and affection yet in return you get nothing or even the opposite of that? You might at first think it's just a rough patch or perhaps you start to have doubts about yourself. You start to ask "Am I the problem here?" It's not unwarranted to have some self reflection when people treat you badly. You might feel like you're the problem, that you're getting all the negative feedback because of a flaw in your personality. Maybe. But maybe not.

Sometimes we can put too much out of ourselves into our relationships. Sometimes it can be overwhelming for others. Even your own lover might think your too much. Sometimes you can be trying a little bit too hard to please. I'm not saying you should be introverted or close yourself off from the people you love, but budget your energy. Family, friends, lovers, coworkers etc can all take more from you than you get back. Pouring out too much of yourself and getting nothing positive in return is not fair to you as the great person you are.

Let those people pour something into you. Let those people you care about give you something of themselves in return. Keep in mind that if you're giving so much of yourself away and getting negative feedback from what your putting out it may be time to pull back not try harder. You could be spending so much needed energy trying to be a good guy that you can't receive that energy back from the people you care about. You could be using that energy you give to others into the improvement of yourself. Paradoxically, improving yourself can be exactly what the people in your life need. And some  people don't deserve your energy anyway. As soon as you stop giving so much of yourself you'll start to see who your real friends are. Be aware of the energy you spend on others and spend it wisely.

Male Media Mind