Wednesday, March 20, 2013

I'm an Original

There is absolutely no duplication when it comes to me. I am one of a kind and hard to find. My character is incomparable Always stronger, smarter, and harder than what most people give me credit for. I find myself having to prove that im original. I am nothing like those that came before me. Think the worst of me and Ill show you the best of me. Make no mistake that my wild side is a contradiction of my character. Its part of my character. Seeing me here in the buff on a page please understand I do this for fun. I do this cause I want to share. I appreciate my fans. I like the comments. But they wont change my mind make me think twice about my private life. You can have the picture but cant have my life. Yes I write about how much im in love with a certain someone, dont mean trouble in my paradise.

I write with my emotions and every word I write is true and not a game piece or a desperate attempt to keep prying eyes from reading between lines cause like I said I writes the truth. Those of you who have reached out to show respect and admiration for my poetic posts about either my heart and mind I thank you. I do believe I might have a gift for photography and poetry yet I have lost the passionate drive. Like a few friends. Make no mistake dont believe everything you hear about me cause cause you can always get it from the dog's mouth. I'm an Original.

Male Media Mind