Sunday, March 31, 2013

Bulk The Series: Bears on TV

Bears Wonderful Bears! I found this entertaining web series called Bulk The Series. the story of bulk is about bears dealing with life's inescapable drama and issues like relationships, betrayal, friends, love and fitting in. I was late to the series, but when I sat down and watched I was blown away by the gripping story plots, the hot bear actors, and the relatability of the whole show to real life. Many people, not just bears, can relate to the story of trying to get over the memory of your ex. The high quality scenes and production quality are superb for a self produced series. Bulk shows us how to do it right . Bult The Series is a must see.
Bulk The Series: Episode 1 Season 1

The Cast & Crew

J. Julian Christopher as Leo (Also The Creator Of Bulk The Series) has been on the acting scenes for awhile, he had stared on many professional off Broadway plays. Julian then started his play writing career in 2008 with Beast if you want to know the whole story about Mr. J. Julian Christopher head to the Bulk The Series Site

D.R. Knott is a filmmaker living in New York. She graduated Columbia University's M.F.A. film division in May 2007. D.R. directing credits include Samuel's Rise, The Choreographer and Ode to a Recession. As a producing concentrate, D.R. Knott wrote and produced the short film Fierce,

CirrTone as Barrett

Patrick Johnson as Oscar

Jim Noonan as Guy

Robert Valin as Martin

Male Media Mind