Tuesday, March 26, 2013

Brutal Lynx Presents: Your Morning Commute Ep 7 - 3/26/2013

DL Men... what do you think? Well I tackle the idea and repercussions of the life path. Of course this is just my opinion on the matter. There are lives at stake when we choose to deceive people in this manner. Women, men, children, parents... making the choice to be dishonest and to surrender to fear effects more than just one's self. We touch the lives and influence the thoughts of people we meet everyday. It is no wonder the myth that all black gays are on the DL spread like wildfire. What about safe sex?

We want you all to sound off. Leave a video reply, written reply, tell us about your experiences. Have you been the DL man? Been with a DL man?

- Lynx

Male Media Mind