Sunday, March 31, 2013

Bulk The Series: Bears on TV

Bears Wonderful Bears! I found this entertaining web series called Bulk The Series. the story of bulk is about bears dealing with life's inescapable drama and issues like relationships, betrayal, friends, love and fitting in. I was late to the series, but when I sat down and watched I was blown away by the gripping story plots, the hot bear actors, and the relatability of the whole show to real life. Many people, not just bears, can relate to the story of trying to get over the memory of your ex. The high quality scenes and production quality are superb for a self produced series. Bulk shows us how to do it right . Bult The Series is a must see.

What's Possible and What's True

It was a frigid February day. Dressed in my Stewie lounge pants and plain white tee I head for the front door of the hospital. I thought about how many times I've taken this walk. It has been many, but this was the first time as an adult and without my mother.It was the strangest thought, but it occurred to me that my mother would have called cold air the hawk. Just a passing thought.I didn't to go certain places and start contemplating unnecessary possibilities. I reached the door.There she was again, in my thoughts, all the things she would say to me to ease my nerves.What was that shone she used to sing me? Had A Lil Monkey, yeah that was the one. I could almost hear the tube in my head. It was among my favorites. I think about singing it to myself now, but it feels a little ridiculous.

Saturday, March 30, 2013

The Southwest Chief by Breeze Vincinz

Originally posted in the Mellifluous Breeze

I write this while taking a train from Chicago back to Los Angeles. It’s cool. I’m alright. I could be convinced to do this again… particularly if I could get another $175 ticket. It’s the not the hell I was expecting. It takes a bit of adjusting and a bit of patience but it’s all good. Right now, however, I am in the observation car and there is a loud, ghetto Black woman speaking in her stadium voice on her cell phone while eating spaghetti out of a Styrofoam container. She looks like she’s in her 50’s, long copper colored weave, tied into a loose ponytail on the back of her head and large gold door knocker earrings. So far what I learned about her is that she did not appreciate having to sit next to a fat Mexican with dirty chinos on this train, her church is located on a hill, Jean don’t need no help, she cool, she good right now, no thanks to Eric, that motherfucker… she got something for that nigga.

Will The South Ever Rise?

Check out Nocturnal Penstrokes

Like some corny line from a cheesy black and white movie, an old white man dressed in period clothes raises his hands to the sky and bellows "The South shall rise again!" Then he gets shot in the head and dies. This should be the end of the story but strangely it's not. This battle cry, if you will, still persist to this day in the states making up the "Old Confederacy" and won't go the way of the wind, and yes all puns intended.

Friday, March 29, 2013

Kenoki Answers the Twenty Questions

1. What your full name? Do you have a nickname no one calls you anymore?

Roderick Kashawn Harvey, Nobody calls me by my nickname Man anymore. Thank God I dont live in Albany, Ga.

2. If given the choice of any person alive or dead with whom would you want over to dinner as a guest? Why? 

I would like to have dinner with Julius Ceaser. Id want to know did he really fuck cleopatra and know if she was really a bad bitch as they say she was. And also ask him did he really want Octavian to succeed him.

Wednesday, March 27, 2013

Brutal Lynx Presents: Your Morning Commute Ep 8 - 3/27/2013

Gay marriage is on the docket. The Supreme Court of the USA heard oral arguments yesterday regarding Prop 8. Today they hear oral arguments regarding DOMA. These are VERY important events and interesting times indeed. Pay attention, take actions and be a part of history!

Sound off!

- Lynx

Sweet Spot: A Vision of Lasting Love

I saw my reflection today. The man I saw looked a lot older than the man with the infectious smile I remember. The lines in his face got deeper with each passing year. His boyish good looks are giving way to his father's face. I look around the room. It seems nothing ever changes here. No new furniture to be found, same drapes, same dirty egg shell painted walls. Amazingly enough I pass the same pictures and little what nots and hardly think about the many memories captured in them. So familiar a sight they've become background noise. This home was once filled with hope and laughter from a festive New Year to a Merry Christmas. Now it seems to be replaced with stillness, but thank God no regrets.

Tuesday, March 26, 2013

Brutal Lynx Presents: Your Morning Commute Ep 7 - 3/26/2013

DL Men... what do you think? Well I tackle the idea and repercussions of the life path. Of course this is just my opinion on the matter. There are lives at stake when we choose to deceive people in this manner. Women, men, children, parents... making the choice to be dishonest and to surrender to fear effects more than just one's self. We touch the lives and influence the thoughts of people we meet everyday. It is no wonder the myth that all black gays are on the DL spread like wildfire. What about safe sex?

We want you all to sound off. Leave a video reply, written reply, tell us about your experiences. Have you been the DL man? Been with a DL man?

- Lynx

Friendship: Where Do You Draw The Line?

I was listening to Breeze in the Soulful Salon Podcast. I immediately fell in love with the show and I'm proud to have Breeze as a contributor to M3. There are three hosts of the show and they discuss many topics, but the first topic of episode 8 that spoke to me was on the subject of friendship. Breeze spoke about the Sex And The City model of lifetime friendships that are stronger than the changes of life. I feel like many things in fiction, this is an ideal we place on our friendships, an ideal that rarely conformes with reality. I have no problem with ideals except when it pressures us into feeling bad for falling short of it. People come in and out of our lives for many reasons, and if we stop and think about it why shouldn't it be that way?

Losing friends can be painful, but I've come to see it as a positive thing if you really need someone to go. It they always cause you to worry about them or always making you annoyed or if you've been hurt  by their intentions or negligence it makes sense to weigh that love and history against your own wellbeing and make a choice. It's kinda hard to do with feelings involved, but it needs to be done. The thing is I know I've fucked up a lot in my life.

Monday, March 25, 2013

Life of Pi: Full Movie

I decided to upload this movie after reading Vaughne's moving post about how this movie affected him. I read the book this film is based on soon after 9/11. I can remember terrorist attacks shaking me up, and there was something about this story that calmed me. It was different than the mysteries and thrillers I was used to reading. I guess I always had a love of animals. It was a celebration of life. I guess I was just not interested in violence after having so much of it in real life. It was a great escape. A fantasy of inner discovery. I'm looking forward to seeing the movie and thought I'd share it with you all.

Seeing Your Life in Pi

I finally watched the move Life of Pi. First I have to say, I had NO idea that this movie would be so freaking good. Not only that, I had no idea that it would have such a GREAT message. Not only that! I had no idea that I could watch a movie as of late that would actually make me wish I had of read the book first. And, NOT ONLY THAT! This is the first movie in ages that has me actually stalking Amazon to buy the book...unless some magnanimous soul should so happen to send me either an audio book of it or better yet a file that of it that is compatible with my Kindle. An Amazon gift card perhaps? I digress.

Sunday, March 24, 2013

Kenny Gilbert: Life After Top Chef

Being the black bear that I am. food and I complicated and intese relationship. We are lovers, we are friends, and because of that I like to watch cooking shows. One of my favorites is Top Chef. Seeing the action-packed drama with the chefs is intense. Mixing that with mouth watering food is a recipe for a great show. My other love, as evidenced by the topics of posts I wire for the blog, is hot men. Kenny Gilbert is one of the hottest men I've seen on television. He's a thick chocolate daddy bear who knows his way around a kitchen. I first saw Kenny on season 8 of Top chef and I knew that this sexy brotha was going to make season 8 even intense. On the first couple of shows he was blowing the other contestants out the water. With his diverse knowledge of food and his determination to win, he was a sight to behold. But sadly, this handsome dessert was eliminated from the show early. It was a crushing blow for me as a fan of black bears to see him go home so soon, but after the show he has made many appearances on daytime shows like Beauty, Beast & the Feast, The Chew, and Good Morning America. Also he has been an active chef for many wine and chef functions and events. Kenny Gilbert shows us that sexy bears have;many talents.

Saturday, March 23, 2013

Introducing Breeze Vincinz: New Contributor to M3

1. What is your full name?
Breeze Vincinz

2. If given the choice of any person alive or dead with whom would you want over to dinner as a guest? Why?
Adolf Hitler. I would love to have a one on one conversation to try and get a better idea of that type of lunacy. Then I would sit him down and have him scour Wikipedia and find out that a Black man is the leader of the free world and that the Jewish community is thriving and watch him implode in on himself and die all over again.

Lynx Bear: Your Morning Commute Ep 6 - 3/22/2013

I guest starred on The Michael Bonner Show last night! I didn't have much time to promote it but it went very well. The topic... People Divided. Oooohhh... I offered my perspective as a gay black male in America. We also discuss Gun Control and the NRAs proposed lawsuit against New York. All this on this episode of Your Morning commute w/ Lynx!

- Lynx

Friday, March 22, 2013

Lynx Bear: Your Morning Commute Ep 5 - 3/21/2013

Right Wing Propaganda?

Interracial Dating... you like them white boyz?

Today we tackle the right wing propaganda pushed by Chick Publications and my experiences in interracial dating. This is sure to be a good time.

Corey Scales Post: Chick Magnet: Seeing is Believing

- Lynx

Thursday, March 21, 2013

Lynx Bear: Your Morning Commute Ep 4 - 3/20/2013

What is it with money and black folks attitude towards it? Today I tackle the question as best I can while asking for your feedback on the subject. I am sure we all have many differing points on view on it.

Is it the media? Is it poverty? Is it the parent's failure? Is it personal failure? Is it coveting?What is it?


Wednesday, March 20, 2013

I'm an Original

There is absolutely no duplication when it comes to me. I am one of a kind and hard to find. My character is incomparable Always stronger, smarter, and harder than what most people give me credit for. I find myself having to prove that im original. I am nothing like those that came before me. Think the worst of me and Ill show you the best of me. Make no mistake that my wild side is a contradiction of my character. Its part of my character. Seeing me here in the buff on a page please understand I do this for fun. I do this cause I want to share. I appreciate my fans. I like the comments. But they wont change my mind make me think twice about my private life. You can have the picture but cant have my life. Yes I write about how much im in love with a certain someone, dont mean trouble in my paradise.

Chick Magnet: Seeing is Believing

I recently stumbled upon one of those "tracts" from Chick Publications. Basically, they're little mini-Christian stories done in black & white comic book format, detailing a story that always ends with a "message" on how Jesus saves. Even today, I sometime see one of these laid out somewhere at random at places like barbershops and even the gym for people to find. Being a PK, I read a LOT of these growing up, which my mother was real big on encouraging. Of course, being the geek that I was/am, I did it more for the fact that they were comics I could actually read in church and not have some nosy ass Deacon's wife go running to my parents about their son reading on Jesus' time. This was before I perfected my method of hiding paperbacks behind the church bulletin, giving everyone the impression that I was keeping up with the "church schedule" instead of the characters in Salem's Lot by Stephen King. What's funny is that many of these have some of the oddest subjects for a kid to be reading:

Tuesday, March 19, 2013

Your Morning Commute w/ Lynx! Ep 3 - 3/18/2013

A Republican Senator Changes his tune?

Another life lost that could have been saved if our laws and treatment weren't so arcane! What he did for a living has no bearing on what our laws and treatment did to him.

DOMA vote happens this week!!

The importance of gay rights eludes so many today. It eludes those who "don't care" as well as those who hold homophobic views. Put yourselves in our shoes for just 1 day, the day your spouse dies. Then see how you feel.

All this on today's Morning Commute with Lynx!

Sunday, March 17, 2013

Your Morning Commute w/ Lynx! Ep 2 3/15/2013

A social commentary if you will...

Why is there so much anti-gay sentiment in the gay community? We have splintered into different groups, all of which shun the other. Why is this? How can we expect to get equal and fair treatment if we cannot treat each other equally and fairly?

Sound off below or create a video response! We'd love to hear your thoughts on the issue.

- Lynx

Saturday, March 16, 2013

Introducing Vaughne Smith: New Contributor to M3

 Visit Nocturnal Penstrokes

 1. What is your full name? Do you have a nickname no one calls you anymore?

My full name is Vaughne C. Smith. Well I have two nicknames, Boobie and "V". Boobie is a family nickname, probably because I was always attached to someone's boobs as a baby. I was told I would not go to sleep unless I was resting on a woman's chest in the family. Most of my friends call me "V" or by my name. I do have a third "secret" nickname but you know the drill. I can tell you but I would...well you know the rest. lol

Friday, March 15, 2013

Brutal Lynx: Your Morning Commute Ep 1

Hoodrat fuckery, a new pope and a politician against raises for military personnel. Sounds like the beginning of a bad joke but I assure you it is not.

Hoodrat Bully gets her ass handed to her on a platter with cheese and wine.

The New Pope, a change coming? Maybe...

Do you think a politician should be set for life for doing essentially nothing while our soldiers come back home from war to face poverty?

P.S. Thinking I need to change my camera angle... unflattering. *giggle*

Thursday, March 14, 2013

Dan Savage vs. Brian Brown: The Dinner Table Debate

"We can learn to ignore the bullshit in the Bible about gay people."

"I was not attacking the faith in which I was raised. I was attacking the argument that gay people must be discriminated against because it says right there in the Bible that being gay is wrong. Yet the same people who make that claim choose to ignore what the Bible has to say about a great deal else. I did not attack Christianity. I attacked hypocrisy." - Dan Savage

Tuesday, March 12, 2013

Lynx Bear: Story Tellers!!

Lynx Bear Channel on YouTube

I wanted to give you guys something, so I did a story tellers... It is just telling you some of the crazy shit that happened when I was a bouncer in Worcester, MA.

I look high but I am not, bad camera angle.

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Remember to tune into our channel for more from Lynx as he hosts "Your Morning Commute". Coming soon... as soon as he gets his car back from the shop so he can do it the goddamn car-freak!

The Hangover Part III

"Someone needs to burn this place to the ground"

The Hangover Part III promises the return of Bradley CooperZach GalifianakisEd Helms and Ken Jeong for the final installment of Todd Phillips' trilogy. Heather Graham and Mike Tyson will reprise their roles as well. The premise of the original was so interesting that it can can be done again and agin and still be entertaining. Solving a mystery of what you did when you were too fucked up to remember or be responsible for your actions. The situations are hilarious, and it seems they're willing to do anything for a good laugh. I didn't expect this movie to come out so fast, but I guess the fans demanded it. The director wanted to give the francise a proper and unforgettable end that will have us talking at the water cooler. Before seeing the trailer I was not expecting much, but the trailer surpassed me and gives us what we all want most in a Hangover movie, namely, everything. "This time, there's no wedding. No bachelor party. What could go wrong, right?" the official synopsis reads. "But when the Wolfpack hits the road, all bets are off." The debauchery fest hits theaters May 24.

Monday, March 11, 2013

Say Everything and The Philosophy of Blogging

Say Everything is a book about blogging and it's history. I started a blog in 2004 because I wanted to write. I bought a domain and linked it to my blog. I was mostly interested in writing fiction, but I had also studied journalism and was an avid news consumer. I read a lot of news stories that ended up on my blog. I got a few readers and it was just cool to have my own space on the web. My mistake was I didn't interact much with people on my blog. I'd posted my thoughts and stories. I welcomed comments, but I wasn't going out into the web and commenting on other blogs. Mostly I read a lot of news and books. Say Everything by Scott Rosenbrrg helped me see  my mistake. Blogging isn't a one way communication like a book or a newspaper. It's a conversation.

Sunday, March 10, 2013

Get to Know The Lynx!: New Contributor to M3

Lynx Bear on Youtube

1. What is your full name? Do you have a nickname no one calls you anymore?

Lance Christopher Miller. Nicknames… hmmmm… my mother still calls me Poindexter (I am a bit of a nerd), but those close knows Lancifer. Yeah, I was given that nickname by a client when I was running a multimedia department in NYC. She heard me going off on someone who messed up royally. I then overheard her call me Lancifer over the phone. LOL. It stuck.

Saturday, March 9, 2013

Jaraiya: Japanese Bear Artist

I've been an avid comic book and manga reader for years, going through great journeys with my favorite hero's and villains, but something was missing from my comic collection. I simply wanted more, something that feed my sexual bear nature and my love of thicker men. After many days of searching I found an artist named Jaraiya, a well known bear comic book artist in Japan. After looking and reading his art work I was overjoyed and amazed because finally a comic that peeked my sexual interest to the fullest. Jaraiya combines visuals and writing for maximum effect, and over the years Jaraiya has lead the bara aka bear comics to the next level. Because of his success more people have joined the bara movement. So if you haven't joined the movement you are missing a great experience.  

Jaraiya Bio: Born in 1967, Jiraiya is one of the most known japanese gay artists. Cartoonist and illustrator, he is one of the main contributors to the japanese cult magazine "G-men". His work is published in Japan as well as in Europe.

Friday, March 8, 2013

Jesus Walks: A Journey of Self Discovery

Generally when someone asks me what faith I follow I poke my chest out and say proudly that I'm a devout Catholic. In my mid-thirties my faith took a very interesting turn. Being raised in the Holiness Church I still had questions even at the ripe old age of 34. I had more questions than I had faith or answers. Before my conversion I would say I was more spiritual than religious, but ever the thinker and as curious as I am, I set out to find the strengths and weaknesses in people's faith traditions. After thirty something years at my home church I needed to find out why I never really felt at ease.

Thursday, March 7, 2013

Prison and the Poverty Trap

from the New York Times
Published: February 18, 2013

WASHINGTON — Why are so many American families trapped in poverty? Of all the explanations offered by Washington’s politicians and economists, one seems particularly obvious in the low-income neighborhoods near the Capitol: because there are so many parents like Carl Harris and Charlene Hamilton.

Tuesday, March 5, 2013

Save Something for Yourself

There is a saying that what you put out into the world comes back to you. But what happens when your in love with someone and you put out faith, love, honesty, and affection yet in return you get nothing or even the opposite of that? You might at first think it's just a rough patch or perhaps you start to have doubts about yourself. You start to ask "Am I the problem here?" It's not unwarranted to have some self reflection when people treat you badly. You might feel like you're the problem, that you're getting all the negative feedback because of a flaw in your personality. Maybe. But maybe not.

Sometimes we can put too much out of ourselves into our relationships. Sometimes it can be overwhelming for others. Even your own lover might think your too much. Sometimes you can be trying a little bit too hard to please. I'm not saying you should be introverted or close yourself off from the people you love, but budget your energy. Family, friends, lovers, coworkers etc can all take more from you than you get back. Pouring out too much of yourself and getting nothing positive in return is not fair to you as the great person you are.

Monday, March 4, 2013

Gun Hill Road: Full Movie

There's nothing like a good movie recommendation. Before editing the blog I probably wouldn't have even heard that this movie let alone been convinced to watch it. It helps to have friends like Corey who I trust to know their shit when it comes to movies. Gun Hill Road doesn't have mass appeal or  box office success to get my attention so it may have passed you by as well. James and I watched it together. While at first skeptical it won us over. It's dark, suspenseful, sexy, and sweet. But most of all it's real. I highly recommend it.

Sunday, March 3, 2013

A Different Me

Lounging around in the new sofa chopping it up with the besties I had an interesting thought. All three of us are so different, but it's great to have a different view from my own because boy can I live in my own head at times. One of us is smart, funny, shy, and success driven. He wants nothing more than to make the world a better place. If one were to ask him what he wanted in a relationship his answer would be a sap sweet love story ending in a version of the American dream. The second is a young sassy city boy with nerves of steal and a heart of gold. Never afraid of love nor its challenges. If one were to ask him the same question there would be a Louie bag somewhere in his ending. Then there's me, the ever foolish romantic. For me every time is the last time. Swearing never to make the same mistakes I've made two weeks prior.yet ever doomed to repeat the same mistakes. Love seems to forever slip through my chicken greasy fingers.

Saturday, March 2, 2013

The Flash: Live Action Movie

It was a shocking to find out that they're considering making a live action flash movie. it's a great change of pace from the other series of super hero movies. Superman, Batman, X-men, and even The Avengers seem to have been done a few too many times. Flash has been on top of comic book favorites list for years, and to make fanboy happy would be to do The Flash justice in a live action movie. DC has chosen a great director a 3 time Grammy nominee  to take on the challenge. Greg Berlanti is one of the top director's in the industry. His talent was demonstrated in Green Latern, Wrath Of The Titans, Everwood, and The TV series Arrow. The release date of the movie is in 2014

Friday, March 1, 2013

The Death and Resurrection Show

"I'm not okay and haven't been for awhile"

Over time I've gained an ability to honestly document events from my life, be it in journal/blog format or certain elements liberally sauteed into my fiction, without flinching. Maybe it's because I'm a very direct kind of guy and blowing smoke up people's asses just isn't on my list of kinks -although the list is long enough to cause eye strain and done in a cool font I picked out myself from a catalog. Perhaps it's that I'm all too self-aware of just how good a liar someone who creates fiction for a living can be if they really put their mind to it. Doing this to yourself would be the equivalent of Tony Montana face-down in a heaping pile of his own Colombian marching powder near the end of Scarface. So, before hired assassins scale my art deco palace walls to murder my staff and redecorate the walls with my vital organs, I need to reluctantly spew this out right now or else I never will.