Saturday, February 2, 2013

Tommy Vs. Cole: Who's the sexiest?

Martin is one of my favorite shows from the 90's. Even after almsot twenty years most of the jokes in the show are relevant.  It's hard to watch this show and not laugh out loud. But there's no doubt that there was quite a bit of hotness on the show as well, namely Tommy and Cole. Tommy the tall chocolaty and bald-headed brother had a little bit of a nerd thing going on. Cole was the slightly thick clown of the group always wearing the funny outfits and bringing the physical comedy almost as much as Martin did.

Tommy (Thomas Mikal Ford) is best known for Martin (1992) but also Harlem Nights (1989) and is a director and producer.  Cole (Carl Anthony Payne II) is also known for his time on The Cosby Show (12 episodes starting in 1987) as Theo's friend Carl.

James originally had this as a poll in his Instagram feed. I thought it was a great idea and I really enjoyed going back in time and remembering all my favorite scenes in the show. To select the clips for this post we had to look for when they were showing their bodies the most. We also wanted to show you some clips from a more recent interview.

What was funny was that we disagreed who was the hottest. Of course they're both hot and I've gone back and forth a few times, but if you look closely at the video and bios I'm sure my bias will show.

Character bios

Tommy's mystrious job situation is the butt of many jokes. When his job is brought up people say, "You ain't go no job, man!" This particularly annoys Martin because while Tommy always alludes or refers to himself being employed, he's never clear about the type of job that he has. In one episode his friends were trying to find out what Tommy's job was and it led them to strip club. Can you imagine how wonderful it would have been if Tommy was a stripper? However, Martin is sometimes cautious because Tommy's line of work is unknown and suspicious that he could be a secret agent. Tommy is the only character (other than Martin) to appear in every episode of the series.

Cole Brown Martin's other best friend. Dimwitted but well-meaning, and known for his eclectic taste in headgear, he proudly cleans jets at the airport for a living, drives an AMC Pacer, and lives with his mother Maddie (portrayed by comedienne Laura Hayes) until Season Five. For a time, Cole appeared to be attracted strictly to plus-sized women, and until the final season dated a security guard named "Big Shirley" (who is fully seen in only one episode; another episode only showed "her" below the neck to portray her as being much taller and bigger than Cole). Big Shirley was portraid by a man I have to give him points for hugging and smacking a man's ass. In that final season, he moves into his own apartment in a rough neighborhood, and dates Shanise, who appears to be even more dimwitted than he is. During the series finale, he becomes engaged to Shanise. Notably, Cole is absent in several episodes in Season 3 without any explanation.

Of course while looking through the clips I came across Bruh man. It would not be fair to talk about the thick hotness on Martin without showing some clips of Bruh Man (comedian Reginald Ballard): Bruh-Man is a friendly, thick neighbor from the frith floor (yet he always puts 4 fingers up when relating this fact) directly upstairs from Martin. Whenever Martin asks what he is doing, Bruh-Man replies, "nuttin' ....just chillin'." Bruh-Man always wears badly fitting clothing a size or two too small (frequently, items he's "borrowed" from Martin), and has a characteristic gait slow and limping walk with his head cocked to one side. Despite being a popular character, Bruh-Man's last appearances were in the fourth season. He does not appear in the fifth and final season of the series, however he is mentioned briefly. In episode 13, "Ain't That About a Ditch", when Gina's mother locks Martin out of his apartment, he pauses to think, then whispers "Bruh-Man" to himself as he walks off to climb in through the fire escape.

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